‘Special’ Ed Schultz Shuts Super PAC After Raking in a Whopping $25

Posted by on Feb 18, 2016 at 10:59 am

If only he still had an MSNBC show to tout his Super PAC he may have broken $100.

RT America host and former MSNBCer Ed Schultz quietly left his Americans for a Strong Middle Class Super PAC last week after raising less money than your average Girl Scout.

“I feel like I am perfectly positioned with my national platform, with my name and visibility and credibility with the middle class, to be the person to head up this super PAC,” Schultz announced back in November. “[We] are going to get involved in issues around the country that are vital to a strong middle class, with our focus on jobs and wages, health care, education, trade agreements and justice.”

But three months later, The Daily Caller’s Evan Gahr reports that ASMC’s FEC filings show that they had raised exactly one donation for $25. On the other hand, they managed to rack up $10,345.44 in legal fees, $3,000 in web design fees, and a $100 loan.

So he’s only $13,420.44 in the hole. You can almost Feel The Bern.

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4 Responses to “‘Special’ Ed Schultz Shuts Super PAC After Raking in a Whopping $25”

  1. EndOfPatience on 19/19/16 at 9:31 am

    I vote we redistribute some of the funds from the Hillary! and Bernie campaigns to help poor Ed out.