Sorry, kids: America isn’t a safe space

Posted by on Nov 15, 2016 at 8:03 am

Pity the anti-Trump protesters thronging the streets of American cities.

Apparently, no one ever told them that they live in a geographically, economically and ideologically varied nation and that about half of its inhabitants might support a Republican candidate for president. They mistook the country for the campus of Oberlin College.

The news that it actually isn’t arrived with the force of a thunderclap on election night. The shock of Donald Trump’s election has occasioned tears, rending of garments and days of protests showcasing the rank infantilism of the American Left.

Before Election Day, liberal commentators obsessed over Trump’s rumblings about not accepting the outcome and worried about his supporters lashing out. Trump shouldn’t have pre-emptively declared the election rigged, but the specter of Republican mayhem was always far-fetched.

When was the last time that GOP protesters ran out of control and burned down local business establishments? Tea Party rallies were famous for their orderliness — participants in a massive rally on the Mall in Washington, DC, even picked up their own trash.

It is left-wing protests that invariably devolve into law-breaking and so it was that the same kids who think Donald Trump is too divisive were soon smashing windows and throwing projectiles at police in behalf of their supposedly more open-minded vision of America. (The left’s street protesters act as if there is no social or political problem that can’t be addressed by hurling things at cops.)

The same media that would’ve denounced pro-Trump protests as a threat to democracy has treated the anti-Trump protests as a natural symptom of a divided country. Erupting in rage at the result of an election went from a grave offense against our system to the latest front in the battle for social justice right around the time that the Upper Midwest was called for Trump.

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2 Responses to “Sorry, kids: America isn’t a safe space”

  1. paid protesters aren't spontaneous on 15/15/16 at 11:05 am

    Pajama boy has hot cocoa and some Castrocare plans for reading if they head over to his place.
    He has free puppies and cupcakes for snowflakes.
    Trump has already stimulated the economy since these “spontaneous protesters” are getting paid Soros/DNC money.

  2. Andrew X on 15/15/16 at 11:19 am

    When was the last time that GOP protesters ran out of control and burned down local business establishments?

    When Sherman’s Army entered Atlanta.