Son of Hollywood Star Arrested for Spray-Painting Swastika at His College

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We have no idea what Michael Imperioli’s politics are, nor do we really care so long as he’s not in our faces about it. But the chances are pretty good he leans left and chances are even greater his punk kid is probably a lefty.

So spray-painting swastikas became really popular after Donald Trump was elected as a way of making the media believe there was some pending Nazi takeover of America, although in the month since the election we’ve yet to see a single case of anyone being arrested for these so-called “hate crimes.”

Until now.

Vadim Imperioli, whose father played hotheaded mobster Christopher Moltisanti on HBO’s “The Sopranos,” has been arrested in the Nov. 20 spray-painting of a swastika in a dorm at Purchase College.

Capt. Doug Larkin of the New York State Police confirmed the arrest.

“We assisted SUNY Purchase police,” Larkin said Wednesday. “He was arrested for the swastika incident.”

The captain said the 19-year-old Imperioli faces a charge of criminal mischief in the fourth degree at his scheduled arraignment on Jan. 17.

College officials said Nov. 21 that they were investigating the painting of swastikas in a dorm the day before. The vandalism was discovered on a bulletin board, according to Betsy Aldredge, a spokeswoman for the college. A second incident in the same time-frame involved the scrawling of “Black Lives Don’t Matter” somewhere on campus; that incident is still being investigated.

In an email to the campus community on Nov. 29, campus Police Chief Dayton Tucker wrote: “I am pleased to announce that the NYS University Police has made an arrest in one of last week’s graffiti cases involving the rendering of swastikas.”

The chief’s email did not name Imperioli or give other specifics, and the college spokeswoman declined to provide details.

Robert Wolf, spokesman for the Westchester County District Attorney, has said only that “the assistant district attorney in our bias unit is in contact with authorities there and the investigation is ongoing.” He declined further comment on Tuesday.

On-campus offenses at Purchase College are handled by the campus police and, if charges are brought, they are dealt with in Harrison Town Court.

Imperioli was at court on Tuesday to answer an unrelated petit larceny charge involving the unauthorized use of a car Oct. 13. He sat quietly with his grandparents, occasionally leaving the court to confer with his attorney, Russell Smith of White Plains.

The swastika incident was referenced obliquely during the court proceedingwhen Assistant District Attorney Catalina Blanco Buitrago asked Judge Pasquale Gizzo to double Imperioli’s $5,000 bail. Buitrago told Gizzo that Imperioli had served three years’ probation for vandalism in California and had been involved in a case of “criminal mischief since his last time in this court.”

“He (now) has two open cases in this court,” the assistant district attorney told the judge. “He has a disregard for the property of others.” She said of the criminal mischief investigation that “there is consideration of it being upgraded to a felony.”

Gizzo, in response, raised Imperioli’s bail by $1,500, scolding the teenager for getting into new trouble while facing the petit larceny charge.

The younger Imperioli went to high school in that notorious rightwing hotbed of Santa Barbara, CA, where he was likely into surfing, skateboarding and helping with the local Young Republican chapter, where he learned proper goosestepping and production of fake news. Seriously, though, this may be an indication which way he leans.


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3 Responses to “Son of Hollywood Star Arrested for Spray-Painting Swastika at His College”

  1. Al on 8/08/16 at 11:45 am

    It does seem the mental health disorder known as “liberalism” tends to run in families, indicating it might be genetic.

    There is only one known cure: Jesus.

  2. Frankensteiner on 8/08/16 at 5:42 pm

    These crazy kids and their “fake news” trend that is sweeping the land.
    If Trump Makes America Great Again will the left still prattle on about how racist and evil America is? (rhetorical)
    Soros will have to enlist an elite graffiti force to spraypaint swastikas everywhere.
    I saw one painted on Pepe the Frog! (bwahaha!)

  3. Goldenfoxx on 9/09/16 at 11:41 am

    This is not a reflection on Trump. As we see, Trump let’s all of this BS roll off his back and he keeps Trumping on. With Trump there’s a surprise around every corner, and each one keeps getting better and better. What these liberals are scared of is their free $hit is going to go away. Their cushy government job is on the line. In the private sector you can get fired but not in the government sector. They won’t be sucking off the teat any more. No more Skittles and Cheetos for the EBT card holders. Make America Great Again! Go Trump!