Sleazy Thug McAuliffe Feigns Shock at FBI Investigation

Posted by on May 25, 2016 at 8:11 am

This guy has been the Clinton bagman for over two decades and he’s surprised he’s under investigation?


Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) traveled the state Tuesday declaring himself innocent amid an ongoing federal investigation of his 2013 campaign and personal finances, as supporters and critics alike puzzled over its impact.

McAuliffe, 59, plowed ahead with a full day of events across Virginia scheduled before news broke Monday about the FBI investigation into his finances.

Asked for his reaction, McAuliffe offered one word: “Shock.” He said no one from the Justice Department notified him or his administration about the ongoing public-integrity probe.

“No one had outreached to us,” he told reporters at the first of three appearances as he traversed the state by helicopter. “Listen, you get leaks and things happen in the business. As I say, I’m very confident.”

Later in the day, McAuliffe said he was willing to talk to investigators and instructed his attorneys to contact them, but no meetings are scheduled.

In Richmond, Republicans, who have had a tense relationship with McAuliffe, largely reserved judgment. One said they were mindful of the adage about living in glass houses after former Republican governor Robert F. McDonnell’s recent public-corruption scandal.

But nationally, Republicans pounced on news of the probe, saying it reflects poorly on McAuliffe and his longtime friend, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, whose use of email has attracted its own ongoing federal investigation.

“Republicans pounced.” Why, how dare they exploit criminal activity by corrupt Democrats!

Whatever the motivation, Republicans ran with it.

“Not only is this FBI investigation another reminder of the kind of corruption and sleaze the Clintons and their friends traffic in, it raises additional questions about the legitimacy of the Clintons’ charitable enterprises,” RNC spokesman Garren Shipley said in a statement.

RNC communications director Sean Spicer tweeted the CNN report with this: “Well, we all saw this coming,” and then jabbed McAuliffe and Clinton, saying since they’re both under FBI investigation “maybe they got a Groupon?”

Everyone saw it coming except for his media enablers.

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