Shocker: Terrorist Named Mohammed Blows Himself Up in Germany

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016 at 8:29 am

Do the people of Germany realize they’re at war? They should probably wake up pretty soon before it’s too late.

A failed asylum seeker from Syria who blew himself up close a packed German festival in a suspected Islamist suicide attack was facing deportation to Bulgaria, it has emerged today.

The 27-year-old, named locally as Mohammad Daleel, injured 12 people outside a packed wine bar in Ansbach, near Nuremberg at 10pm last night after being turned away from an open-air music festival filled with 2,500 people because he didn’t have a ticket.

Instead he walked to a bar in the centre of Ansbach, a town of 40,000 that is also home to a US Army base, and detonated a DIY bomb filled with metal shavings and screws. It was the fourth violent attack on members of the public in Germany in less than a week.

Bavaria’s top security official Joachim Herrmann said this morning that he believed the attacker was driven by religious extremism, adding: ‘My personal view is that I unfortunately think it’s very likely this really was an Islamist suicide attack.’

Police today raided the Syrian’s home in Ansbach as Germany’s Interior Ministry revealed the attacker had been refused asylum and was due to be deported to Bulgaria, German authorities confirmed.

The assailant was already known to police for possession of drugs and had also spent time in a psychiatric facility having attempted suicide on two occasions in the past. Daleel was apparently angry at facing deportation to Bulgaria and wanted asylum in Germany, reports claim.

A hearse containing his remains left the scene of the bombing at dawn while residents at the man’s asylum shelter described him as a ‘lying attention seeker’.

The terror attack came as Germany remains on high alert in the wake of three other violent attacks across the country in just one week.

Despite the best wishes of the media, the killer in Friday’s attack wasn’t a right-winger.

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