Sad! Trump Got Fewer Votes in NY Than Cruz Did in Wisconsin

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 at 8:26 am

Wait, wasn’t Trump the guy who was bringing in millions of new voters? Where’d they all go?

There is no denying the dominance of Donald Trump’s performance in his home state of New York, in which he got 60 percent of the vote. Still, it is perhaps interesting to note that, with more than 99 percent of the vote counted in the Empire State, Ted Cruz got more votes in Wisconsin (a state with 10 electoral votes) than Trump got in New York (a state with 29 electoral votes)—531,129 to 524,932. That’s a reminder that New York isn’t exactly a Republican hotbed.

By far the highest vote tally that any GOP candidate has gotten in a single state during this primary season is Cruz’s tally in Texas, where he got 1,239,370 votes—easily more than double the number that Trump got in New York. The second-highest vote tally is Trump’s in Florida, where he got 1,075,094 votes. Third is John Kasich’s in Ohio, where he got 956,859 votes. (Indeed, fully 30 percent of Kasich’s votes to date have come from Ohio, compared with 19 percent for Cruz in Texas and 6 percent for Trump in New York.)

Nor was Trump’s 60 percent of the vote in New York the highest percentage so far. That honor goes to Cruz in Utah, where he got 69 percent of the vote (winning by 52 percentage points).

New York actually had the second-lowest voter turnout this year and Trump didn’t even win his home county of Manhattan, which was won by a guy who eats pizza with a fork and knife, John Kasich. Somehow this doesn’t square with Trumps boasting about bringing in all these new voters.

But the biggest story out there by the people who really understand it is that the Republican Party is gaining millions and millions of people. And you saw that with South Carolina and Nevada… The places were packed… Millions of people have joined, but the establishment wants to throw that right out the window, becuase if I get out, all those people are coming with me…

Really? So where are they? It’s all bullshit, of course.

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