Robust Vetting! ISIS Suicide Bomber Entered Turkey as a Refugee a Week Ago

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 at 10:45 am

Sure, let’s open the doors to the “Syrian” refugees. Obama’s on the job, so what could possibly go wrong?

CCTV footage of the Istanbul suicide bomber shows him registering as a refugee with Turkish immigration authorities just one week before he blew himself up in Sultanahmet square near the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, killing 11 tourists, and injuring 14.

Nabil Fadli, a 28-year-old ISIS member, had recently entered the country from Syria and was caught on camera while registering at an immigration office in Istanbul last Tuesday.

The footage of Fadli, a Saudi Arabian-born Syrian national, was released as the German foreign ministry announced that the death count in the wake of the blast had increased from nine to ten dead German nationals after one of the tourists injured in the blast died in hospital.

Fadli has been confirmed as carrying out the blast in the name of ISIS, and had registered with Turkish immigration authorities but was not on any list of known militant suspects, Turkey’s interior minister said on Wednesday.

Asked about a report in the Turkish media that the bomber had registered at an immigration office in Istanbul a week ago, Interior Minister Efkan Ala confirmed that the man’s fingerprints were on record with the Turkish authorities.

‘Your assessment that his fingerprints were taken and there is a record of him is correct. But he was not on the wanted individuals list. And neither is he on the target individuals list sent to us by other countries,’ Ala told a joint news conference with his German counterpart Thomas de Maiziere.

Earlier today, a Turkish tour guide revealed how she spotted Fadli ‘pulling the pin’ in Sultanahmet square, and shouted at the crowd of tourists to run, moments before the massive blast.

Sibel Şatıroğlu, who was wounded in the explosion, had been guiding a group of some 25 people when she saw Fadli before he detonated the bomb which killed nine German tourists and one Peruvian, and injured 15, one who later died in hospital.

Meanwhile, Turkish authorities have detained three Russian men with links to ISIS in connection with the massive explosion in the Sultanahmet neighbourhood, an area home to some of Istanbul’s most popular tourist attractions. 

”I was with a group of 20-25 people near the Obelisk. I heard a trigger sound. I realised it wasn’t a normal sound and I looked around me,’ Ms Satiroglu, who suffered a leg wound and hearing loss in the blast, told police according to WorldBulletin.

‘Amongst our group I noticed someone who appeared to be Turkish looking in our German group. He had a cleanshave face, with a small beard. I saw him pull the pin trigger, and I screamed for everyone to run. We started running as the bomb exploded’.

But Obama just sneered at everyone for being fearful, so stop being such Islamophobes, you big fraidy cats.


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