Rattled de Blasio plays dumb on scandals, walks out on reporters

Posted by on Apr 26, 2016 at 8:36 am
101813-DEBLASIO-DM-2.jpg  Bill DeBlasio shaking hands with Sheldon Silver at rally with Chinese community leaders, on the 2nd floor of 49 Mott Street, in Manhattan. David McGlynn 8/18/13    de blasio

A rattled Mayor de Blasio abruptly cut short a press conference Monday after he struggled with questions about the snowballing scandals threatening his administration.

Hizzoner insisted his staff did not break fund-raising laws and whined that he was a victim of politics — before dodging questions and scampering away from reporters after an event in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

“It’s outrageous,” the mayor said of allegations his team violated campaign-finance laws. “And again, I don’t know what’s motivating it.”

De Blasio was speaking a day after his lawyer blasted the leak of a government document that alleged criminality in the mayor’s fund-raising efforts.

The report was penned by Gov. Cuomo ally and state Board of Elections counsel Risa Sugarman, who said there were “willful and flagrant” violations of campaign-finance laws by the mayor and his political team.

De Blasio’s lawyer Laurence Laufer said the leak was a political attack, — but stopped short of saying who was behind it.

“I think he raised real concerns about whether that was the case,” de Blasio said, although he ducked when asked if he thought Cuomo was behind the leak.

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