Philly Mayor in 2014: ‘Ignorance, fear, racism, hatred, misinformation, Fox News, sequestration, ISIS gonna getcha’

Posted by on Jan 08, 2016 at 7:31 pm

After the attempted assassination of Philadelphia police office Jesse Hartnett by a Muslim scumbag, the idiot mayor of Philadelphia took to Twitter to wag his finger at everyone and remind us that it had nothing to do with Islam, except for the entire episode having to do with Islam:

Of course nobody is buying that bullshit. So it’s intersting to note this guy’s a full-fledged lunatic, a crackpot fringe moonbat, via a October 2014 tweet:

Well now, looks like ISIS gotcha, but this tool is still in denial.

But yeah, nothing to do with Islam, yo.

Capt. James Clark, homicide unit commander, said suspect Edward Archer told detectives: “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. That is why I did what I did.”

“He confessed to committing this act in the name of Islam,” Ross said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

And while this terrorist piece of shit should have already been behind bars, he was traveling to Egypt.

Investigators are also scouring Archer’s Internet activity to see if he may have had contact with ISIS members or other radical Islamic groups. A law enforcement source said Friday that, so far, they had not found any record that Archer had contact with known terrorism suspects. Federal authorities are also looking into a trip Archer took to Egypt in 2012, that source said.

“We will see where the investigation leads us,” said Ross, adding that officers were executing search warrants.

Mayor Kenney stressed that whatever the gunman’s motive, it had “nothing to do” with Islam.

Nothing to do with Islam, though. It’ll be interesting to find out which mosque he prayed at daily where nobody knows him (cough cough). Meanwhile, the terror apologists and co-conspirators from CAIR, who’ve been busy staging phony “hate crimes” since San Bernardino, warned abobut rushing to judgment:

Jacob Bender, executive director of the Philadelphia chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations, said more investigation is needed.

“We need more information,” Bender said. “Was he in contact with any bona fide terrorist or anything like that? We don’t know.”

Let anyone put a piece of bacon anywhere near a mosque and we have immediate demands for a federal investigation.

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