Pathetic Trump Caught in Multiple Lies in Latest Embarrassing Debate Meltdown

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When you have no idea what you’re talking about, just make things up knowing full well you’re braindead sycophants simply don’t care because you fight or something.  He lies so casually it’s actually a shock when he tells the truth about anything.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pushed back against Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly regarding Trump University’s rating.

Trump said on Thursday that Trump University had an A rating from the Better Business Bureau.

“The only reason it was a D was because we didn’t care, we didn’t give them the information,” he said during the Republican debate Thursday on Fox News.

“With respect, we went back and looked at this,” Kelly said. “The rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D minus. That’s the last publicly available rating in 2010, and it was a result of the number of complaints they had received.”

Trump claimed that the rating was elevated to an A, but Kelly shot back saying that information had never been publicly released.

“I can give it to you,” he said. “I will give it to you. I will give it to you tomorrow. … It was elevated to an A.”

We won’t hold our breath waiting.

In reality, the school, which is currently facing a class action lawsuit of 5,000 people who say they were scammed, has received several ratings from the consumer interests organization.

According to a PolitiFact investigation, the BBB had given Trump’s school ratings ranging from an A+ to D-. But the most recent rating recorded, in 2010, was a “D-” rating.

The blubbering blowhard screamed and yelled so much trying to drown out the truth last night that Ted Cruz actually had to come to his aid before he passed out:

It’s still not to late to derail this budding fascist.

“A recent article somewhere said Donald Trump is a world-class businessman who goes out and he does get along with everybody,” said Donald Trump early in Thursday’s Republican debate in Detroit. The only “recent article somewhere” I can find where this is true is a December 29 Washington Post article. In the Post story, Trump is indeed described as a “world-class businessman”—by Trump himself.

Trump’s Republican rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio spent a great chunk of the debate trying to disabuse primary voters of the idea that Trump is anything but a low-class huckster. The result was that the GOP frontrunner became flustered as he tried to defend what has been one of his greatest assets: his business record.

“He has spent a career of convincing Americans that he’s something that he’s not in exchange for their money,” said Rubio, picking up where he left off in last week’s Houston debate. “Now he’s trying to do the same in exchange for their country.”

While Trump and Marco Rubio squabbled, Ted Cruz came out looking good.

Tonight was the night when I could clearly see Ted Cruz as President of the United States. He made the right moral judgment — dealing with Donald Trump was far more important than jockeying for position with Marco Rubio or John Kasich. He made the case against Trump in the right way — he was civil even as he eviscerated Trump again and again. And he connected with the audience not just with his command of the facts, but also by making his case in an effective, human way. When he asked the audience how many had been waiters or waitresses, I had to smile. Both my wife and I spent more than our fair share of time bringing ice tea to thirsty customers, and the notion that waiting tables — even for a season – is a job Americans won’t do is absurd.

Most devastating for Trump was when he made the absurd claim the military would violate the law if he insisted. He clearly has no idea what he’s talking about.

Finally, there is much more to be said about this, but words cannot express the contempt I felt for Trump’s insistence that the military would follow his unlawful orders to murder women and children. There are men who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice rather than kill the innocent, yet he pretends our warriors would simply salute and follow orders when told to kill women and children for the sole purpose of punishing terrorists. Trump is sadly mistaken. If he won the White House and tried to implement his “policy,” the military would refuse to comply — because it has honor, because it respects the law, and because it knows the lessons of history. No order can justify an atrocity.

He’s truly an embarrassment to America. As to his core issue — immigration — he pretty much abandoned that.

Trump changing his mind is nothing new, it’s practically all he does when it comes to the important issues in this election. Wrapped in a fog of suspension of disbelief, his supporters never seem to notice this. The same people who can’t shut up about the one thing Marco Rubio did that they can’t stand are willing to dismiss or ignore a laundry list of the same from Trump, largely because they’re more interested in being entertained than actually making a wise choice for president. Most were drawn to him for his stances on illegal immigration and foreign workers, and those may be the first things he monumentally disappoints them over.

But why use my words to keep trying to impress upon the Trump faithful that there is a high degree of likelihood that he will switch any number of positions once he wins the nomination. Let them listen to the man himself lecture on the importance of flexibility.

Dismiss any of these absurd online polls. Trump was a huge loser.

He looked rattled. He lacked energy. And when Cruz told Trump to breathe, Trump was cowed. Trump did what he was told, just like Trump will expect the military to do when he tells them to kill women and children.

Trump also shockingly undermined his toughness on immigration, admitted that victims of Trump University had a successful class certified in court against him, and had no response besides “oops” on his flip-flops on Afghanistan and Syrian refugees. His only response to Rubio was to call him “Little Marco,” and he called Cruz “Lion Ted” (I think he meant lying Ted, but it definitely sounded like he said “lion”).

And when he claimed abolishing the Department of Education and EPA could fill the deficit left by his tax policies, the moderators had empirical data on screen disproving him.

And do I even need to mention that Trump made a comment about, um, a certain part of his anatomy?

The “nimble navigator” centipede got squished. Just like his Better Business Bureau rating from Trump University, he gets a D-

Tonight was a good night for conservatism. The Veloci-Cubans distracted and attacked Trump, making Cruzio look better and better.

After this, of the three men and the baby on stage, we have to think Ted Cruz comes out the winner.

His answers to questions about Trump University and the budget were somewhat uncomfortable to watch, in much the same way that it is uncomfortable to watch a bus full of circus clowns crash into a school for blind children and even worse the clowns were doing their “Gasoline Comedy” act that day and now all the blind children are on fire and the clowns are trying to squirt water on them with their stupid lapel-flowers but the flowers are just squirting out more gas and the children are crying tears of fire out of their Unseeing Dead Eyes and holy shit a couple of the clowns look like they have boners and they’re chasing around the fiery blind children trying to rub up on them with these bobbling clown-boners with big red bulbs on their tips.

In other words, as Trump would say: Not the best. Really not terrific. A real mess!

Grade: I don’t even know how to even start grading this. As far as a letter grade, I give a red X carved crudely through the face of a rotting pig with a bunch of stripper-glitter tossed on it.

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3 Responses to “Pathetic Trump Caught in Multiple Lies in Latest Embarrassing Debate Meltdown”

  1. GOP for Hillary 2016 on 4/04/16 at 4:15 pm

    Why don’t you super duper conservative true believers go after democrats?
    Gruber got your tongue? Mittens is having a chat with his buddy Gruber right now laughing at the serfs in flyover country having a say in who is candidate.
    And this is why we hate you to the point of intoxication and will make sure the republicants no longer exist in four years.

  2. Zelsdorf Ragshaft III on 6/06/16 at 11:53 pm

    If you pay attention to what Trump says, then pay attention to what Cruz says he said you will know Cruz is a liar. It is a simple test. All the video is available. Just like Cruz lies about his being eligible to run of the Presidency. He was born in Canada and had a Canadian birth certificate. He was also a Canadian Citizen till 2014 when he renounce it. No natural born American citizen would have duel or any other citizenship. If Cruz were to somehow win the nomination, the DNC will have standing and they will sue. They will find a judge who will find for the DNC.

  3. Mittens and Paulie the Beard 2016 on 9/09/16 at 3:31 pm

    Speaking of pathetic…how bout that little Marco performance on Tuesday? BWahahaha.