Overly Sensitive Obese Woman Lashes Out at People Ridiculing Her for Possible ‘Barbie’ Role

Posted by on Dec 07, 2016 at 7:42 am

As the clock ticks on this slob’s career, she might want to learn not to be so sensitive when people express an opinion about her.

Amy Schumer is calling out critics who slammed her potential casting as Barbie in an upcoming live-action film based on the Mattel doll.

Variety reported last week Schumer was in talks to play Barbie and the plot of the movie would involve the character getting kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough and going on an adventure in the real world.

The comedian posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit on Instagram Tuesday . She says those who attempted to fat shame her have failed because she knows she’s not fat and has “zero shame” in her game. Schumer says the backlash has made it evident that she’s a “great choice” to play “an important and evolving icon.”

Well, clearly she has no shame, but really, sister, you might want to mix in some salads now and then.


Face it, tubby, America’s just not that into you.

Next up at bat is the hard-4 hedgehog that is anti-gun activist and alleged comedian Amy Schumer, another over-praised, over-hyped mediocrity who Tinseltown is trying to force down our throats like the fingers she clearly never forced down hers. These geniuses have now decided she must be the woman to play Barbie in the live action film of . . . Barbie. Let’s leave aside the fact that they consider it a good idea to make a live action film of Barbie, and focus on how they seem to think Amy Schumer is the right person to play Barbie. Chuck Schumer is sexier.


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2 Responses to “Overly Sensitive Obese Woman Lashes Out at People Ridiculing Her for Possible ‘Barbie’ Role”

  1. John on 7/07/16 at 11:59 am

    Lady, you might want to look again or choose a mirror that is not associated with a clown or circus side show.

  2. Hillbilly Jim on 7/07/16 at 4:07 pm

    Why do liberals have to be such marshmallow soft weenies who live in glass houses?
    I betcha she doesn’t hesitate to diss conservatives and Trump voters in public and private.
    Hollywood is even more out of touch than the democrats who staked it all on sobama and had zero bench, Hollywood alienates half of the audience in “flyover country” and thinks that their take on contemporary issues and current events is etched on a stone tablet never to be questioned or doubted.