Of Course: GOP Refusal to Consider Obama SCOTUS Nominee is ‘Racist’; Obama Floats Idea of Nominating Republican ‘Climate Denier’

Posted by on Feb 25, 2016 at 7:38 am

Never let an opportunity to play politics or cry racism, especially when it comes to Obama and his merry band of Alinskyites.

A growing number of House Democrats see hints of racism in the GOP’s effort to prevent President Obama from seating a new Supreme Court justice.

Democrats have long contended that the first black president has been the target of conservative attacks from which his white predecessors had been immune.

Except, of course, when Democrats went on record opposing any possible Bush 41 or Bush 43 lame-duck nominees.

The evidence, they maintain, is found in things like the false charges that Obama is a Muslim, the unsubstantiated accusations that he was born in Kenya and Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouting, “You lie!” during a 2009 address the president gave to Congress.

Well, it was proven he lied, so there’s that, so all they have to hang their hats on are claims Obama’s a Muslim and was born in Kenya? We’re dredging that up again? Pathetic.

No matter who is nominated, Democratic aides predict the White House will find ways to make the GOP look bad for refusing to meet with a nominee.

One tactic would be to invite Republican senators to do so, putting them in the tough spot of having to choose between sticking with McConnell or following the traditions of senatorial courtesy.

A senior Senate Democratic aide noted that Obama’s first nominee to the high court, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, met with more than 70 senators when Democrats controlled the upper chamber in 2009.

Meanwhile, this White House clown show yesterday floated the name of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in a obvious attempt at trolling the Republicans.

Sandoval is pro-choice, expanded Medicaid, and oversaw Nevada’s construction of its own ObamaCare exchange (after the first attempt went sideways). He’s as “friendly” to Democrats as a modern Republican gets. Even so, I’m trying to imagine the reaction on the right if a Supreme Court vacancy opened up and a Republican president decided to bypass scores of conservative justices to nominate a center-left Democrat. And not just any center-left Democrat but someone who’s arguably underqualified: Sandoval spent a few years as attorney general of Nevada and then a handful more as a federal district judge, but most SCOTUS nominees have extensive appellate experience. Maybe Obama could sell this to the left on grounds that, with a Republican majority in the Senate vowing they’ll obstruct anyone he puts forward, a centrist Republican nominee is the best they can hope for. I doubt the right would go for that if the tables were turned, though; they’d want a Republican president to name a mainstream conservative and then fight tooth and nail to break the Senate’s will.

Except they forgot one minor detail when offering up Sandoval. Obama’s own website calls him a “climate denier.” D’oh!


Is there anyone left at BarackObama.com to clean up this mess? It also seems they have a rather weak hand if they’re already playing the “racism” card so soon an lamely offering up a Republican.


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