NYC Democrat Sued by Aide for Bullying and Mocking His Disability

Posted by on Dec 08, 2016 at 8:04 am

Apparently this Democrat hasn’t been paying attention to all those anti-bullying campaigns the leftwing bullies have been forcing on everyone all these years.

Democrats truly are mean-spirited bullies, not to mention hypocrites.

A man who has Asperger’s syndrome claims he was mocked for his disability, had his teddy bears decapitated and was locked in a basement while working for a New York City councilman.

Michael Bistreich claims he was subjected to such cruel bullying working for Brooklyn City Councilman Vincent Gentile that he had to quit and is now suing him and the city for $10 million.

Bistreich claims in the lawsuit filed on Tuesday that he was ridiculed by Gentile and his former chief of staff, John Mancuso, over his disability for the two years he worked as a legislative aide in the office.

On one occasion, someone decapitated the teddy bears and other stuffed animals Bistreich kept on his desk.

One bear’s head was mounted on a small flagpole.

A stuffed dog ‘was gutted and impaled and had red coloring around its slit stomach, mouth and eyes to resemble blood,’ the lawsuit said.

Bistreich said he was subsequently told that Mancuso was behind the beheadings.

The suit also alleges that Mancuso once locked Bistreich in the building’s basement for an extended period when he went there to retrieve something.

Bistreich also claims Gentile laughed when a person on his staff compared him to Avonte Oquendo – a New York City boy with severe autism who was found dead after he left school through an unattended door. The staffer allegedly suggested Bistreich ‘test the doors.’ 

Remember, Love Trumps Hate or something.

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2 Responses to “NYC Democrat Sued by Aide for Bullying and Mocking His Disability”

  1. the new civility on 8/08/16 at 5:45 pm

    Wasn’t Trump’s lovely wife mocked mercilessly for bringing up bullying?

  2. Darwin Akbar on 9/09/16 at 11:09 pm

    “In the news tonight, we focus on the unspeakably cruel behavior that NYC Council Staffer and alleged grown man J. Weepy McFagboy was subjected to, as evil Mad Man Mancuso beheaded his teddy bears and locked him in the basement without his juicebox and string cheese snack. We will talk to his co-workers, who commend his courage in speaking out for all of those other adults who’d been afraid to bring their teddy bears out of the closet.”

    “In other news, some guy named John Glenn died, For some, he was a hero for being the first American to orbit the earth, while to others, he was a ruthless killer and war criminal who never apologized for flying combat missions against the so-called “enemy” during WWII and the Korean War. Tonight, we speak to the families of his many victims to learn what it feels like for them to have “closure,” after all these years.”