New Clinton Mascot Alicia Machado Was Accused of Threatening to Kill Judge, Had Baby with Notorious Drug Lord

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In Team Grandma’s zeal to pummel Donald Trump over his “fat-shaming” of a former Miss Universe, they apparently didn’t vet this woman too well. Not that the “mainstream” media will be reporting any of this, but it didn’t take long for people to uncover her ugly past.

The former Miss Universe at the center of a bitter exchange in Monday’s presidential debate was accused of aiding a would-be murderer and threatening to kill a judge, it has emerged.

Alicia Machado was named by Hillary Clinton as having been shamed for her weight in 1996 by Donald Trump, when she was Miss Universe and he bought the beauty contest, by being called ‘Miss Piggy’ when she gained weight.

The then Miss Venezuela was photographed with Trump at a gym as he spoke about how she ‘loves to eat’, and she also claimed he mocked her Latino accent, calling her ‘Miss Housekeeping’.

On Tuesday Machado launched her own attack on the Republican candidate, accusing him of abuse and ‘stupid things’.

But now two Associated Press reports from 1998 have revealed the Machado was accused of aiding attempted murder and threats to kill in Venezuela. has asked the Clinton campaign whether they knew about the accusations, which do not appear to have ended in conviction, before the candidate spoke about her at the debate.

The campaign also organized a conference call for reporters on Tuesday with the now 39-year-old actress, in which she spoke almost exclusively in Spanish to continue the attacks on Trump.

The troubling details of what Machado was accused of emerged after she had reigned as Miss Universe in 1996.

In January 1998, the Associated Press revealed that Machado had been accused in court documents in Cadacras of driving her boyfriend from the scene of a shooting.

She was ordered to testify in court, with her lawyer telling a local newspaper that she was in fact filming a soap opera at the time.

The murder, it was alleged, was the culmination of a bitter feud.

Machado’s boyfriend, Juan Rodriguez Reggeti, was accused of shooting his brother-in-law, Francisco Sbert Moukso – at the funeral of the dead man’s wife, Maria Rodriguez, who was the alleged murderer’s sister.

Sbert’s attorney alleged that Reggeti believed the dead man had driven his sister to suicide and took revenge, the Associated Press said.

Rodriguez was eight months pregnant when she jumped to her death off a fifth-floor balcony.

But wait, there’s more!

Oh, brother. Not good. And who is this charming fellow?

Jose Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez — known as “El Indio” or “El Chayan” — is suspected of being responsible for a spike in violence in states near the capital as part of a struggle for control of the Beltran Leyva drug cartel, the military and the federal Attorney General’s Office said.

Authorities said Alvarez Vazquez, 45, was arrested along with 14 other drug trafficking suspects during a Wednesday night shootout in Huixquilucan, just west of the capital.

Three died in the shooting, and two alleged traffickers were wounded. Investigators did not say whether the dead were soldiers or suspected drug dealers. The military said it seized more than a dozen guns and a grenade.

“Cases such as this show the Mexican government’s firm decision to continue fighting narco­traffickers,” the Attorney General’s Office said in a written statement.

Among those arrested was Ascencion Sepulveda Salto, also known as “El Gato,” believed to be a powerful cartel lieutenant in Guerrero state.

And here’s a very good question:

Over to you, lamestream media!

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