Muslim Terrorists Slaughter at Least 50 in Istanbul; Obama Stacks Cheerios for Buzzfeed

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 at 6:40 am

If there was ever a more damning juxtaposition than this, we can only think of a guy so insensitive he’d tee off moments after an American was beheaded on video.

Oh wait, that’s the same guy.

Witnesses have described the terrifying moment three suicide bombers launched a co-ordinated attack on Istanbul airport that has left up to 50 dead saying there was blood and body parts everywhere.

Shocking footage has shown an explosion at the door to the arrivals hall by a suicide bomber before another two attackers snuck into the building and dentonated their devices.

Twenty-three of the victims were Turkish citizens and 13 foreign nationals were also among the casualties, an official has said. A total of 41 people have already been confirmed dead, but Turkish officials said that number is expected to rise to 50.

This morning the airport has re-opened while investigators piece together what happened, just hours after the attacks.

One of the passengers who was travelling through Ataturk airport at the time of the blasts was Laurence Cameron, a British cameraman who was travelling from Latvia to Izmir, on the Turkish coast.

And he believes believes his plane had arrived just as the bombs began to detonate.

As he walked into the terminal, unaware of what had just happened, he was met with chaos, panic and fear.

‘It must have been just as we touched down,’ he told MailOnline. ‘I did not even hear the explosions, but as I walked out and round the corner, the whole building was running screaming towards me.

‘It was just mass panic, guards running around with guns.’

Mr Cameron, originally from Kent, was stuck for half-an-hour, waiting at customs, before he and his fellow passengers were allowed through and out the terminal.

However, the only way to leave the building was to go through the very place where the bombs had been detonated less than an hour before.

‘There was blood on the floor. It was just horrendous. Debris everywhere. A lot of the ceiling panels had fallen down, smashed all over the floor.

Our JV president, meanwhile, can’t call them Islamic terrorists, but he can name all the characters on Game of Thrones.

Tuesday turned out to be a big news day, as suicide bombers managed to kill dozens at an airport in Turkey, pushing aside the release of the Benghazi committee’s final report on the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans.

It would be a shame, though, for President Obama’s efforts to stack Cheerios on a stuffed dog and name all of the dead “Game of Thrones” characters to get lost in the shuffle.

Not that the president needs a reason to stack Cheerios, but there was a point to it. CNN explains that the stunt was part of a public service announcement produced by BuzzFeed (the site that earlier this month terminated its ad deal with the RNC) listing five things that are harder than registering to vote, like leading the country, defeating ISIS, or sneaking in a cigarette when Michelle isn’t looking.

Focused like a mother-fucking laser, this clown.

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  1. White Devil ™ on 29/29/16 at 3:07 pm

    This is the consummate prog. Why isn’t his approval rating higher among Democrats?

  2. Ramadan Bombathon on 29/29/16 at 4:09 pm

    May Allaah most merciful punish this closet kafir for his violation of the fitrah by his closet sodomies and gayisms!