Muslim Terror Group Celebrates Ramadan by Beheading Canadian Hostage

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 at 7:46 am

Just imagine the damage these savages could do if they weren’t so busy praying during this “holy” month.

A Canadian man being held hostage by Philippine Islamist group Abu Sayyaf has been executed.

The extremist group, which has links to Isis, warned it would kill Robert Hall unless a multi-million dollar ransom was paid.

Mr Hall had been held by the group since 21 September 2015, and was one of four hostages that included fellow Canadian John Ridsdel, who was killed by the group in April.

A military source speaking on condition of anonymity confirmed to Al Jazeera news that Mr Hall had been executed.

“Today Canadian kidnap victim identified as Robert Hall was beheaded by his abductor … the Abu Sayyaf group,” the source said.

Mr Hall’s beheading follows that of Mr Ridsdel, whose severed head was found on the streets of Samal Island in the southern Philippines on 25 April.

The Canadian men were kidnapped along with Norwegian woman Kjartan Sekkingstad and Mr Hall’s Filipino girlfriend Marites Flor.

Abu Sayyaf had reportedly demanded 300 million pesos (£4.6m) for each of the hostages.

At the time, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged world leaders not to pay ransoms for hostages, saying that doing so “is a significant source of funds for terrorist organizations that then allows them to continue to perpetuate deadly acts of violence against innocents around the world.”

We’re awaiting a Trudeau speech where he reminds us Islam is a religion of peace. On the upside, we have identified the perpetrators:

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