Moonbat Folk Singer Will Travel to Syria and Play ‘Peace Concert’ for ISIS

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 at 4:43 pm

Pretty good idea how this is going to end up, and it won’t be pretty.

An Oregon folk singer plans to leave next week to serenade the Islamic State, and he intends to bring the black-clad barbarians a prayerful message of peace — despite a warning from the State Department that his life could be in danger.

James Twyman, of Portland, Ore., told he feels a “calling” and believes he can soften the hearts of the Islamist army known for beheading Westerners, throwing gays off buildings and summarily executing innocent women and children.

“It’s going to be pretty powerful,” Twyman said, referring to his plan to have those attending and others around the world sing and pray for peace at the same time. “When people come together and focus on something in a positive way … there’s scientific evidence that it can change things for the better.”


The author and self-styled “peace troubadour” has put traditional prayers from various faiths to song. Twyman performed in Baghdad in the late 1990s after Operation Desert Storm; in Bosnia and Croatia during the Balkan War in 1995, and has even performed previously in Syria to spread his message of peace through song.

So much peace breaking out there, huh?

Well, if ISIS doesn’t behead this clown, you may want to after watching this.


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7 Responses to “Moonbat Folk Singer Will Travel to Syria and Play ‘Peace Concert’ for ISIS”

  1. red speck on 15/15/16 at 10:24 am

    Hope he makes it back in one piece.

    Seriously, though… doesn’t this guy have any friends? I would hope that if I were going to do something this stupid, SOMEone would say, “Dude… really?”