Massive Scope of Clinton Foundation Graft Revealed; Trump: Obama ‘Founded ISIS’

Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 at 6:52 am
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at her presidential primary election night rally, Tuesday, April 26, 2016, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

At this point you can pretty much set your watch that just a few hours after yet more damaging revelations on Hillary Clinton are revealed, this boob will come along and vomit all over himself. So after we learned Wednesday  that more suspicious behavior by the Clinton Crime Family was ignored by the so-called Justice Department, now there an even more breathtaking revelation on the massive scope of Clinton graft and greed.

The shady Lebanese-Nigerian businessman who got Hillary Clinton’s State Department to arrange a high-level meeting was only one of a dizzying number of big ­donors to the Clinton Foundation to score government favors.

The list includes high rollers whose relationships with the Clintons made them even richer; countries with dubious human-rights records; and companies looking to grease the skids to get an edge on the competition.

Frank Giustra, a billionaire mining magnate from Vancouver, pledged $100 million to the foundation in 2005 — and then reaped a fortune from the relationship.

Giustra had dinner in 2010 with Bill and Hillary Clinton right before the Clintons met with the president of Colombia.

Giustra partially owned acquired the lucrative rights to conduct logging operations in an ecologically sensitive area along the ­Colombian coast.

Giustra and Bill Clinton also jetted off to Kazakhstan in 2005 to meet with President Nursultan Nazarbayev, and Giustra’s mining company later signed a deal giving him stakes in three state-run uranium mines in the country.

The mines were acquired by the Russian atomic-energy agency, Rosatom, in a deal that got State Department approval on Hillary’s watch.

Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire who owns Africa’s largest construction company, donated millions to the foundation and in 2009 pledged
$1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative, an offshoot.

That same year, longtime Bill Clinton aide Doug Band sent an e-mail to top Hillary aides at the State Department, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, asking them to set up a meeting with “a substance person on Lebanon,” according to e-mails made public Tuesday.

It wasn’t long before Chagoury had an appointment with Jeffrey Feltman, the former US ambassador to Lebanon.

A rep for Clinton claimed Wednesday that Chagoury simply wanted to talk about the upcoming Lebanese election.

But Chagoury was also a key financial backer of pro-Hezbollah politician Michel Aoun, who was running for parliament on the Hezbollah-aligned bloc,
according to multiple press accounts.

A close friend of Bill Clinton, Chagoury struck a plea deal on money-laundering charges in Switzerland in 2000 and was fined $66 million.

The e-mails between State ­Department aides and foundation staffers were hardly unique — the department estimated the number at more than 12,000.

The Clinton Foundation also has accepted millions from foreign countries — some with deplorable human-rights records — that needed approval from State for roughly $165 billion worth of weapons deals.

Shady Lebanese-Nigerians, Colombians, Kazakhstan, uranium mines, Hozbollah backers and assorted convicted criminals. In the real world, stuff that this would disqualify someone from even running for a town council seat, but we have these grifters mere months from being back in the White House.

Because all of that goes away the second this ape opens his piehole.

Donald Trump said Wednesday that President Obama “founded” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,” he said during a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.  “He’s the founder of ISIS. He founded ISIS.”

“I would say the co-founder would be ‘Crooked’Hillary Clinton,” Trump added of Obama’s former secretary of State and his Democratic rival.

Oy. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to have the media wetting themselves, look who was in the audience while this was going on.

Donald Trump on Wednesday night admonished Hillary Clinton for having the father of the Orlando shooter seated behind her at a recent campaign rally.

“Wasn’t it terrible?” Trump asked, that Seddique Mateen was “sitting with a big smile on his face right behind Hillary Clinton … When you get those seats, you sort of know the campaign.”

But as he said those words, disgraced former Congressman Mark Foley smiled up at him from behind the stage.

Foley, a Republican who represented southern Florida, was forced to resign his seat in September 2006 in the wake of allegations that he sent sent suggestive emails and instant messages to congressional pages. The former congressman shared Trump’s camera shot, with a smile, for the entirety of the hour-long rally.

So as we approach a bad year at the polls for the GOP, let’s be sure to roll out the face of the 2006 disaster that ushered in the Nancy Pelosi era in the House. My God, the Democrat couldn’t script this any better for Trump.

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