Man “Representing Himself as a Woman” Enter’s Women’s Department Store Dressing Room

Posted by on May 18, 2016 at 9:35 am

Thanks to the clown int he White House, this will be happening a lot. Our advice to the ladies: Arm yourselves. The left doesn’t care if you’re raped our murdered, only about their sick, twisted agenda.

A female customer was unnerved when a man, who reportedly made no effort to appear as a woman, but said he was “representing himself as a woman today,” entered the women’s dressing room at a Ross department store in Mesquite, Texas.

Lisa Stickles, who was in the dressing room at the time, said she became alarmed when she heard a man’s voice and quickly went to inform the manager.

“She went inside the dressing room, came right back out and called me to the side and told me. … He was representing himself as a woman today,”Ms. Stickles told CBS Dallas/Fort Worth.

Ross said it does not discriminate against transgender people for the purpose of regulating access to changing rooms.

Ms. Stickles said the manager told her, if she felt uncomfortable, to wait outside of the dressing room for the man to finish changing. She called the retail store’s corporate office while waiting, when she saw the man come out.

“He was in no way dressed as a woman,” she said. “He had on jeans, a T-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice. He was a man.”

“It was, you know, more like he was doing it because he could,” Ms. Stickles said. “So, that’s kind of how I took it.”

The incident comes amid a heated national debate about how to accommodate transgender people who wish to use facilities of the opposite sex.

Actually, there isn’t any debate. King Obama issued a decree and everyone must obey or they’ll be called “transphobic” or something. Meanwhile, you’re all hysterical and bigoted for even objecting to this lunacy:


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