Make Reading Comprehension Great Again: Delusional Trump Thinks He Can Beat Clinton in General Election

Posted by on Apr 17, 2016 at 11:35 am

Despite losing yet another state to Ted Cruz Saturday, the confused Donald Trump still is living in a fantasy world where, for some strange reason, he believes he has a chance to win a general election matchup with the hopelessly corrupt Hillary Clinton.

Trump has received 37% of the primary votes thus far, but has 45% of the delegates. So yeah, it’s rigged or something.

Nobody tell him.

Lyin’ Ted can’t get votes, except for all those voting for him. Reality is hard.

Speaking of reality, Clinton currently crushes Trump in every poll, and leads by an average of nearly 10 points.

Weird how he can’t quite figure out her Twitter handle after all these months. Oh, and you know who fares much better versus Clinton in the general election? Why, Ted Cruz.


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