Make Psychotic Rambling Great Again: Sore Loser Trump Issues Bizarre Statement After Humiliating Wisconsin Blowout

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Seems so long ago that after primary victories this clown would come out and babble on for an hour about how great he was. Now after a string of losses, including Tuesday’s crushing defeat at the hands of Ted Cruz, all the small-handed vulgarian could manage was an incoherent statement about the GOP establishment and Cruz being a puppet.


Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz of being a puppet of GOP bosses in a statement released after the Texas senator crushed him in Wisconsin’s primary on Tuesday.

“Ted Cruz is worse than a puppet — he is a Trojan horse, being used by the party bosses attempting to steal the nomination from Mr. Trump,” the Trump campaign said in a statement given to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

Trump did not congratulate Cruz on his win in Wisconsin, something customary on primary nights. He also did not appear in public, a departure for the GOP front-runner who has usually held press events the nights of primaries and caucuses.

How pitiful. He’s not even man enough to offer congratulations as he sulks in private, unable to handle defeat like a man.

Neither Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski nor spokeswoman Hope Hicks would return calls, emails, or messages on Tuesday night. Nor would they provide the statement tweeted by Costa.

And Trump’s own Twitter feed was uncharacteristically quiet more than an hour after Cruz’s victory was projected.

It’s quite obvious we have a petty, small, vindictive charlatan here and it’s best for the GOP at this point to rally behind Cruz, even though he’s largely an outsider with them. People understand they have zero chance of winning the White House with the maniac Trump, so they may as well go with an young,  intelligent senator rather than a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. It’s time to dump Trump once and for all.

Here’s the full statement from this pathetic little man:

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