Magazine Worth $1 Prints ‘Madam President’ Issue Before Election Occurs

Posted by on Nov 08, 2016 at 8:15 am

Hey, it’s not as if the media has a rooting interest here.

Newsweek may have jumped the gun by printing a special edition issue featuring Hillary Clinton as the winner and sending it to stores before the election took place.

The third-party service that makes the magazine’s commemorative issues gave the green light to print the edition, which reads “Madam President.” It later hit the stands at a Barnes & Noble outlet.

“The polls show Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead, and a business decision was made to print the Clinton issue first while continuing to work on the Trump issue,” said the company’s CEO, Tony Romando.

Newsweek claims a licensee did this, and also produced a ‘President Trump’ issue. We’re sure both will be equally worthless.

So hey, don’t blame us!

Besides, they’re totally impartial, or something:

One Response to “Magazine Worth $1 Prints ‘Madam President’ Issue Before Election Occurs”

  1. Rube Neckbone (Flyover Farms) on 8/08/16 at 12:12 pm

    If we get Granny Crime Boss it will be like our own Angela Merkel.
    Always pandering to muslims and other foreigners.
    It will be so historic comrade.
    Even if Trump loses he exposed the fraud that is the media and the republicant party for even the dimmest of bulbs.
    Why is it that the republicants can unite against Trump in a matter of weeks but can’t stand up to Obama for 8 years?