LA Times ‘Reporter’ Wants to ‘See Donald Trump’s Life End’

Posted by on Nov 03, 2016 at 8:53 am

Chances are he’ll see his own career end before Trump’s life ends. What a jerk. Just imagine the hysteria if a reporter mused about the end of Granny Clinton.

A reporter for the Los Angeles Times openly mused on Twitter about the death of Republican Donald Trump before deleting the message once it was highlighted by another reporter.

The Twitter message, by L.A. Times reporter Steven Borowiec, who covers North and South Korea, was an apparent reply to a message posted by Time magazine. Time magazine’s tweet said, “See Donald Trump‘s life in photos” and was accompanied by a link to a photo gallery of Trump through the years.

“I would rather see Donald Trump‘s life end,” replied Borowiec.

Nick Iannelli saw Borowiec’s tweet and posted a photo of it.

Borowiec has since deleted his tweet about Trump’s life ending. He also blocked Iannelli from seeing anymore of his tweets, according to Iannelli.

Here’s the tweet. We suppose he thinks deleting it means it actually goes away. What a moron.










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