‘Korryn had a history of problems with anger and impulsive behavior’

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While race agitators and hucksters do their best to create a racial incident, more details are emerging on the case of Korryn Gaines, who was shot and killed by Baltimore COunty police officers following a lengthy standoff as she pointed a weapon at the officers.

The mother of the woman killed during a standoff with Baltimore County police said her daughter ignored pleas from her boyfriend to surrender.

Rhonda Dormeus said she was on a Facebook call Monday with her daughter, Korryn Gaines, 23, as Gaines sat with her 5-year-old son on the floor of her Randallstown apartment with a shotgun in her hands.

“I could hear her boyfriend telling her it wasn’t worth it, to just come on out,” said Dormeus, 49.

“At that time the phone went dead,” she said.

An hours-long standoff ensued, ending when Gaines was killed by police after she pointed her gun at officers and threatened to kill them, authorities said. Police said an officer fired one shot and missed, prompting Gaines to fire back twice, missing the officers. Police then shot three more times, killing Gaines, police said.

Gaines’ son, Kodi, was shot in the arm and is recovering at Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in good condition, police said Tuesday. Dormeus said Kodi had bullet fragments in his face and damage to his right elbow but is expected to be released Wednesday.

Police said they are still investigating whether the boy was shot by the officers or his mother.

Police on Tuesday provided additional details about the shooting and the events leading up to it.

Officers were attempting to serve two warrants at the apartment in the first block of Sulky Court in Randallstown — one to Gaines for failing to appear in court on a March traffic violation and other charges, and the other to her boyfriend, Kareem Kiean Courtney, 39, who was charged with second-degree assault in connection with an alleged altercation with Gaines on June 28.

Gaines came off as a total lunatic in an earlier police stop.

Police said Gaines became angry and irritated as Monday afternoon wore on and hung up the phone on negotiators. The standoff ended in the shootout about 3 p.m., police said.

Police released documents Tuesday related to their March 10 traffic stop of Gaines in Randallstown that led to the warrant being served Monday. They also released a copy of the domestic-violence report involving Courtney.

Gaines was stopped when patrol officers noticed a rectangular piece of cardboard with the words “Free Traveler” in place of her license plate. Gaines told police she rejected their authority to pull her over and ask her questions, and she repeatedly told them they’d have to “murder” her to get her out of the car.

She recorded that interaction, and posted it in several videos on her Instagram account.

“I promise you, you will have to murder me,” she told an officer in one of the videos. “So go ahead and get ready to do that. You will have to kill me.”

In 2012, Gaines filed a lawsuit in Baltimore alleging lead paint poisoning against the owners of two homes where she lived and frequently visited on West Belvedere Avenue in Central Park Heights, which her attorneys said caused her to have elevated lead levels.

As a result of the exposure, her attorneys have argued that she suffered “neurological impairments” and lost “significant IQ points as a result of that exposure.”

The suit, which is pending, seeks $918,000 in damages.

A report by a pediatrician, which was included in the suit, said “Korryn had a history of problems with anger and impulsive behavior and had several sessions with her school counselor.” It also noted Gaines had trouble concentrating in school and still has trouble concentrating.

That’s not hard to believe if you saw video of her. Naturally, the lunatics aren’t quite grasping that. What they should be doing is praying for that poor child who had to go through this, thanks to his insane mother.

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