ISIS Now Feeding Commanders to Dogs as Punishment for Failures

Posted by on May 23, 2016 at 7:42 am

Well, this should certainly help recruitment drives.

ISIS commanders who fail in their duties are being fed alive to dogs in a brutal new form of execution, it has been revealed.

It has been reported that the terror group has been tying commanders to trees and allowing dogs to maul them to death, if they do not fulfill their chief duties.

The new execution method was revealed by Hasan Khala Hasan, a Kurish Peshmerga commander who was been fighting on the Gwer frontline in northern Iraq.

It comes as the jihadis have faced a string of military defeats in recent months and are losing ground in their strongholds of Syria and Iraq.

And experts say ISIS are using brutal methods of execution to frighten other members in to strictly following rules and commands.

Dler Ahmed, a Kurdish sociologist told ABNA: ‘ISIS uses any members who are thought to be of no use, for the organization to frighten other members.’

Last week, the U.S. military said that ISIS are continuing to lose control over territory across Iraq and Syria, including almost half of what it had once held in Iraq.

Here we thought dropping people into vats of acid  was bad.

Last week it was reported that 25 people in Mosul had been killed after being lowered into a vat of nitric acid.

The men had been accused of spying on ISIS on behalf of Iraqi government security forces.

According to witnesses, the 25 alleged ‘spies’ had been tied together with a rope and lowered in a large basin containing nitric acid until their organs dissolved.

Meanwhile at the weekend, new footage emerged showing an ISIS prisoner being crushed to death by a large boulder in Yemen.

But remember, this has nothing to do with Islam, or something.

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