ISIS Maniacs Find Man ‘Guilty’ of Being Gay, Toss Him From Rooftop

Posted by on Aug 11, 2016 at 8:26 am

Good thing most Muslims are peaceful, so we’ll wait the the condemnation of this barbarism. And waiting, and waiting…

A sickening new ISIS video has been released showing jihadis throwing a gay man to his death by pushing him off the top of a tall building.

The chilling video shows a member of the terror group preaching before a crowd of men and young boys who are gathered around the building in the ISIS-stronghold of Mosul in Iraq.

The extremist then tells them that the man has been found ‘guilty’ of being gay, which he claims means he should be sentenced to death under Sharia law.

It comes after he was accused of ‘corruption of thought’ and ‘homosexual acts’ and the camera then pans to the top of the tall building.

The footage then shows a man perched on the edge of the roof with a group of ISIS members crowded around him.

Suddenly one of the men pushes the victim, wearing a blue T-shirt, and he plummets to the ground.

The video ends with the man falling to his death and several men running towards the man to retrieve his body.

Such lovely people.

The executioner then warns others not to take part in homosexual acts which he claims are ‘forbidden in the caliphate’.

ISIS has previously publicly executed men in a similar manner for being found guilty of homosexuality.

In January, the terror group threw a teenage boy of a roof after they accused him of being homosexual.

But remember, the most important civil rights crusade we face is allowing men in drag to use bathrooms with little girls.

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One Response to “ISIS Maniacs Find Man ‘Guilty’ of Being Gay, Toss Him From Rooftop”

  1. Joe Mack on 14/14/16 at 4:10 pm

    Meh, diversity should include capital punishment for whatever a society deems death is appropriate.
    So, we either accept diversity and gays thrown from buildings or we say there is a civilization based on eternal values, like those of Christianity, Western Civ, and that gays should not be executed for being gay.
    It must be so hard to be a progressive, loving diversity and knowing it isn’t possible until everyone is an enlightened Central Park West dweller.