Irony Overload: Baby Food Spill Causes Evacuation at Sarasota Planned Parenthood

Posted by on May 23, 2016 at 1:28 pm

The strange substance known known as baby food was so foreign to workers they fled the building in horror.

Uncapped cleaning chemicals and a baby food spill combined to create a scare at Sarasota’s Planned Parenthood clinic Monday morning.

County and city fire and police crews responded to the 736 Central Ave. Sarasota Health Center around 10:30 a.m. Monday when a 911 call came in about some of the people inside the building having difficulty breathing. Eight people were sickened by fumes within the building. Seven people were taken to a local hospital for observation. The eighth refused transportation, Sarasota police wrote in an email to media.

The remaining 32 people inside the building were decontaminated onsite as rescue crews searched the building for the “unknown substance.”

According to the police department, the substance turned out to be baby food spilled in a stairwell. That spill likely occurred during the evacuation, officials said. As for the source of the respiratory irritation, officials believe uncapped cleaning chemicals were to blame.

Abortion fanatics hardest hit.

Others are very upset by the news.

Fuck these anti-abortion assholes. I’m sick of this shit. They can’t win on the merits of their argument, because they really don’t have anything that approaches an intelligent or common sense justification for their animus, so they impose their doctrinaire bullshit on everyone that doesn’t go along with their militancy…and worse, women that are desperately in need of necessary services and care. I hate these fuckers.

Calm down, Sparky.

If you think I’m jumping the gun on who caused this…so be it, but I don’t think so. They are 99.9% implicated imo.

Might want to walk that back.

This sounds like yet another act of Christian terrorism trying to impose Mosaic Law on our nation. Is there still a place for Christians here? Can they be trusted not to impose their religious laws on an unwitting population?


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