Iran Carries Out Fresh Wave of Hangings, Including Gay Teenager

Posted by on Aug 04, 2016 at 7:52 am

Good to see our partners in peace have moderated so much since Obama gave them $400 million in cash. You can be sure you won’t hear a peep about this from the administration or its media flunkies.

Iran has executed a group of 20 ‘terrorist’ Sunni prisoners for committing several murders and undermining national security, state media reported on Thursday.

‘These people had committed murder… killed women and children, caused destructions and acted against the security and killed Sunni religious leaders in some Kurdish regions,’ IRIB television quoted Prosecutor General Mohammad Javad Montazeri as saying.

He said all the executions – carried out by hanging – happened on Tuesday.

Who are we to tell this apocalyptic death cult they’re violation human rights?

The news comes as Amnesty International reveals a 19-year-old boy was executed on July 18, marking the first confirmed execution of a juvenile this year.

The gay teen was accused of raping another boy.

He denied the charge but was given no access to a lawyer during his two-month trial.

Hey, let’s give them more money!

Gohardasht Prison, where the mass execution is supposed to have taken place, had declared a state of emergency prior to the executions which cut off contact with the outside world; disconnecting the prison’s phone lines and putting all non-death-row inmates on lockdown.

Maryam Rajavi the Iranian Resistance’s President-elect called the execution “an appalling crime against humanity.”

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) decried the executions.

Shahin Gobadi, of the NCRI Foreign Affairs Committee, said: “There’s a long precedent by the regime in first executing prisoners and then informing their families. One explanation for this is that the regime is afraid of a public backlash and protests outside the prison by the families to halt the executions. It is particularly cruel as none of the mothers and fathers managed to say goodbye to their loved ones.”

Prior to the mass- execution, the prisoners were moved to a secret location; their hands and feet were chained, their mouths taped shut and their heads covered with bags. 

Such lovely people.


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