Indiana University Dean Running Hearings on Alleged Sexual Misconduct Cases Now Accused of Sexual Assault

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Apparently word of this filtered out a few weeks ago, but since it’s a major embarrassment to the campus sexual assault “epidemic” peddlers it apparently hasn’t gained much attention.

Indiana University Bloomington will review the handling of 18 sexual misconduct cases after the associate dean who led hearings on the cases was publicly accused of sexually assaulting a woman.

Jason Casares, who is in charge of the university’s office of student ethics, was put on paid administrative leave after the accusations surfaced in an open letter published online this month by his accuser, Jill Creighton, who is the assistant director for global community standards at New York University.

In her letter, Ms. Creighton says Mr. Casares assaulted her while they were at a convention for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, in Fort Worth in December.

“Jason took advantage of me after I had had too much to drink,” Ms. Creighton wrote.

Mr. Casares could not be reached for comment. But Tony Paganelli, a lawyer who has said he is representing Mr. Casares, told The Chronicle of Higher Education in a statement that he “categorically denies” the accusations.

Indiana University is investigating Ms. Creighton’s accusations, which it learned about when her letter was published online on Feb. 3, said Mark Land, the university spokesman. The cases being reviewed date back to the beginning of the current academic year, in August 2015.

It got even worse for his accuser.

Ms. Creighton said in her letter that she had filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Casares. A spokesman for the Fort Worth Police Department said the case was being investigated.

The association didn’t help matters when, at a conference two days after her letter was published, Ms. Creighton’s name was rendered incorrectly during a presentation in front of an audience of colleagues — her last name was replaced by Casares, the name of the man she accused of assaulting her.

The association apologized.


Not only that, apparently the champion of women’s rights turned on the accuser:

So a social justice warrior now faces the wrather of the, um, social justice warriors:

Ironically this story is from the New York Times, which brings the story full circle:

Via Tim Blair.

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One Response to “Indiana University Dean Running Hearings on Alleged Sexual Misconduct Cases Now Accused of Sexual Assault”

  1. Darwin Akbar on 18/18/16 at 11:11 pm

    Judging by Ms. Creighton’s sultry Twitter photo and her coquette -like demeanor, if either of them had too much to drink, it wasn’t her.