Inconvenient Truth: Democrat Terrorist Mateen a Clinton Supporter

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 at 7:16 am

If it were a known fact the Democrat Muslim terrorist was an NRA member or a Republican, just imagine the levels of hysteria Democrats would be ratcheting up. Is it any wonder they’re on an extended gun control temper tantrum when you have stories like this making the rounds?

After speaking with Omar, I contacted the FBI again to let them know that Omar had been watching Awlaki’s tapes. He hadn’t committed any acts of violence and wasn’t planning any, as far as I knew. And I thought he probably wouldn’t, because he didn’t fit the profile: He already had a second wife and a son. But it was something agents should keep their eyes on. I never heard from them about Omar again, but apparently they did their job: They looked into him and, finding nothing to go on, they closed the file.

Omar and I continued to have infrequent conversations over the next few years. I last saw him at a dinner at his father’s house in January. We talked about the presidential election and debated our views of the candidates that were running – he liked Hillary Clinton and I liked Bernie Sanders. This banter continued through texts and phone calls for several months. My last conversation with Omar was by phone in mid-May. He called me while he was at the beach with his son to tell me about a vacation he’d taken with his father to Orlando the previous weekend. He’d been impressed by the local mosque.

If Team Obama was working with this transcript it would read as “he liked [omitted].”

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