HS Principal Praised by de Blasio Covered Up Gang Rape

Posted by on Jun 03, 2016 at 7:30 am

Gee, where are the War on Women clowns when you need them?

Administrators at a troubled Brooklyn high school face potential firing for covering up allegations that a female student was raped by five football players in a locker room, The Post has learned.

The educators include Boys and Girls HS Principal Michael Wiltshire, who was publicly praised by Mayor de Blasio last year but is currently eyeing a new job on Long Island.

An internal investigation by the Department of Education concluded last week that Wiltshire and two assistant principals failed to report the alleged mid-December gang rape after meeting with the girl and her mom, according to a source familiar with the probe’s findings.

Investigators also found the trio failed to report the suspected theft and use of a DOE credit card by students at Boys and Girls, the source said.

“We have clear reporting procedures to ensure incidents and misconduct are thoroughly addressed, and any failure to report is deeply concerning,” DOE spokeswoman Devora Kaye told The Post Thursday.

“We’re reviewing this case and discipline is pending.”

DOE rules include a mandate that all employees who learn of alleged crimes committed by students that don’t pose an “immediate safety threat” are required to notify the principal, who “must, in turn, notify the police and the [school safety agent]” and the “appropriate superintendent.”

Just last year the clown de Blasio was effusive in his praise for this guy:

“What I have seen just over this last year from Principal Wiltshire is the kind of leadership that moves mountains, that inspires people, that changes things that people say couldn’t be changed,” de Blasio said.

Yet he covers up gang rapes. That’s how liberals roll.


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  1. Darwin Akbar on 4/04/16 at 10:46 pm

    Why bother with gang-rape cover-ups when there are X-Men movie posters that encourage violence against blue female mutants?