Hey, No Urgency: Deleted Illegal Clinton Emails May Remain Secret Until After Election

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It’s secrecy and an obvious lack of any transparency that lends credence to Donald Trump’s kooky conspiracy theories about rigged elections. We can see this criminal winning in November, and then what, watch as her presidency is consumed by scandal?

It’s all so easy to see coming.

None of the work-related Hillary Clinton emails discovered by the FBI after being deleted from her private server have been released, raising questions about whether any will be seen in public before Election Day.

The FBI says it found “several thousand” work-related emails deleted by Clinton, but the State Department has not committed to a schedule for their release, and it will be up to a federal judge to determine when they could be made public.
“As we have just received this material from the FBI we are still assessing what our process will look like,” State spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday.
Multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and lawsuits have been filed to recover the emails. Litigants include conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch and Vice News journalist Jason Leopold.

The FBI recovered an unspecific number of the 30,000 deleted emails during the course of its yearlong investigation into Clinton’s email setup, which ultimately failed to yield a produce an indictment against Clinton.

Clinton handed over a similarly sized batch of 30,000 emails to the State Department for safekeeping in late 2014.

FBI Director James Comey said last month that among those recovered emails were “several thousand” work-related messages, and three that contained classified information. Comey cautioned at the time that the FBI did not uncover evidence that Clinton intentionally tried thwart transparency laws, and instead suggested it was extreme sloppinesss on the part of the former secretary of State and her aides.

Last Friday, the FBI sent the final batch of emails that it had recovered to the State Department, which is responsible for going through them to redact any information that is classified or otherwise exempt from public disclosure.

“Just as we appropriately processed the material turned over to the Department by former Secretary Clinton, we will appropriately and with due diligence process any additional material we receive from the FBI to identify work-related agency records and make them available to the public consistent with our legal obligations,” Trudeau said.

The ongoing delay complicates the odds that Clinton’s deleted emails are made public before the election in November.

“It’s hard to say,” Steven Aftergood, who directs the Federation of American Scientists’ project on government secrecy, said in an email.

“I’m not sure where the line will ultimately be drawn.”

A delay until after the election could lead to allegations of a cover-up. GOP nominee Donald Trump also already warned that the election might be “rigged” against him, and he would likely use an email holdup as evidence.

“All things being equal, they should be released by the election,” predicted Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch and a longtime Clinton antagonist. “But if the State Department once again plays campaign defense counsel for Mrs. Clinton, who knows?

“I just can’t imagine that untoward delays will be tolerated.”

If she didn’t have a (D) behind her name there would be a 24/7 media drumbeat for the release of them. But since they’re basically campaign aides, why would they push it? Especially when they have Trump to bail them out. Then when more damaging emails are revealed next years they’ll just dismiss them as old news. It’s so easily predictable how this will go.

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