Former Granny Clinton Chief of Staff Blames Benghazi for Her Email Mess

Posted by on Jun 01, 2016 at 6:37 am
U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton poses for a photo with supporters following a campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, February 3, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

Well, this surely is a creative excuse given the fact it wasn’t until the investigation into Clinton’s Benghazi fiasco that we discovered she was using an illegal email server.

Cheryl Mills, the former chief of staff at the State Department, partly blamed the Benghazi terrorist attack for former Secretary Hillary Clinton failing to turn over her emails as she left office in 2013, saying there was “a lot going on” that distracted them from fulfilling their obligations under open records laws.

Ms. Mills, in sworn testimony ordered by a federal judge taken last week and released Tuesday, said Mrs. Clinton and her team were occupied with too many other things to think about going through their official records and making sure they remained with the department — a requirement of multiple federal laws and agency policies.

Among those were Mrs. Clinton’s upcoming departure from office and the September 2012 attack that cost the life of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

“The secretary was not only transitioning, there had been a — we had lost our first ambassador in quite some time, and we were stepping through the sets of issues associated with that. And she, too, had fallen ill, and there — and there had been a period of time where we were obviously navigating a whole set of issues in that space,” Ms. Mills said. “So I don’t know that this was something that I focused on, and certainly I wish I had.”

Blaming the Benghazi attack is a striking explanation, given that it was the 2012 attack — and the congressional probe into it — that first exposed Mrs. Clinton’s use of a secret email account tied to a server kept at her home in New York.

People would normally be laughed off the public stage, yet this hag may well be your next president. She lies with such ease you wonder when she’s actually ever told the truth. Meanwhile, for someone who claims to be willing to tell the truth, she sure does seem to be hiding something.

The Daily Caller counted 15 separate lines of questioning in which Mills’ lawyer, Beth Wilkinson (the wife of former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory) instructed her client not to answer questions posed by Judicial Watch’s lawyers during Friday’s deposition.

Most of the don’t-answer orders involved questions about Mills’ knowledge of how Pagliano, a former State Department information technology specialist, set up Clinton’s private email system.

Wilkinson also instructed her client not to provide answers to questions about a finding laid out in a State Department inspector general’s report from January which showed that she blocked a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for information about Clinton’s email accounts from being processed.

This is all just a “mistake” you see, so let’s just move on.

The IG further found that Clinton provided “incomplete” rec­ords of her government e-mails.

Ignoring the stinging findings, Clinton stuck to her talking points Tuesday that she had followed protocols.

“The report makes clear personal email use was a practice under past secretaries of state and the rules were not clarified until after I had left. But as I’ve said many times, it was still a mistake,” Clinton told MSNBC.

Clinton said she was unaware, as the IG reported, that her subordinates were told to stop asking about her unusual email arrangement.

“I certainly never instructed anyone to hide the fact that I was using a personal email. It was obvious to hundreds of people,” Clinton said.

The FBI continues to investigate whether classified material was secured on her private server.

Since Clinton left office, more than 2,000 of her work-related emails have been marked classified. There also are open congressional investigations and civil lawsuits, including one filed by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch against the State Department.

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