Florida Phys Ed Teacher Sends Students Nude Snapchat Photos and Drunk Dials Them

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 at 8:10 am

What’s wrong with kids these days they can’t keep their mouths shut and enjoy their good fortune?

A physical education teacher in Florida has been fired after she allegedly sent naked Snapchats to multiple students and called them up when she was drunk.

Dionne Younce, 28, was let go from her position at Allen D Nease High School in Ponte Vedra following an investigation into her sexual misconduct.

A number of students – including members of the football team – came forward claiming she had sent them nude pictures.

In one, she was allegedly only wearing a bra.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, one student the communications were ‘casual’ at first but then turned sexual.

She then told the boy, who has not been named, not to talk about it as she didn’t want to get caught. 

Rule No. 1 when sending nude shots to kids: They’re not going to keep it to themselves.

Younce’s firing from her teaching and coaching job beaome official during a board meeting on February 9, St Johns County School District officials confirmed.

Younce, who was hired by the district at the beginning of this school year, was put on paid leave on January 20.

District spokeswoman Christina Langston would not describe the type of communications – via text or social media – but said it involved more than one student and multiple messages.

At least three students indicated that Younce allegedly texted and direct-messaged some students, written statements given to school district investigators said.

The written statements also mentioned students following Younce on Twitter and that she added students on Instagram and Snapchat.

One student’s account said that he had a relationship with Younce that started as subtle flirtation on the phone to ‘sexual snapping’, where the two would send nude photos to each other.

The high school football player claimed that while attending a basketball game, he and a fellow teammate both received the same Snapchat photo of Younce only wearing a bra.

The teen and another male student wrote in their statements that they hadn’t had sex with the teacher, though there had been rumors at the school that they had. 

Johns County Sheriff’s deputies escorted Younce out of the high school on January 20 for ‘possible sexual misconduct’ with students, a police report said.

Just a hunch, but she may have some alcohol issues:


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  1. Harden Long on 12/12/16 at 2:27 pm

    We never had any hot teachers like this when we were in school.
    We didn’t have any me me me narcissist social media either but we were smart enough to keep quiet if there would have been any school teacher hotties like this ready for a nice round of hide the sausage.