Fleeced by Trump: “I can’t stand the sight of him”

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Expect a daily deluge of stories like this if, God forbid, this lunatic becomes the GOP presidential nominee.

Linda Drake saw the commercials, read the brochures and knew of the real estate mogul’s purportedly sterling reputation.

So when she and her husband Stephen Drake made a $240,000 down payment on a condominium in 2006 in the yet-to-be-built Trump Ocean Resort Baja — a mammoth luxury building set to be constructed on a beautiful stretch of land in Mexico, just hours south of San Diego — they didn’t hesitate.

The complex was never built, the money was never returned.

Eight years later, all they have left to show for their trust in bloviating billionaire Donald Trump — who had promised so much and delivered nothing at all — was a bruising legal battle and a settlement.

Their epic struggle with the mogul, and his army of lawyers, proved to be a lesson in how not to be taken for a ride by Trump — one which they now hope they can somehow purvey to the hordes of followers of the businessman’s white-hot presidential campaign built on farfetched promises; one that can be reduced to two simple words: Buyer Beware.

“I have so much distrust for him and the games I felt he played with us,” Drake, an industrial psychologist who still lives in Southern California, told the Daily News. “I can’t stand the sight of him.”

Drake and her husband learned the hard way not to believe anything anyone with the last name Trump promises, prompting her to now passionately push his supporters to reconsider their allegiance.

“Would I vote for him? Absolutely not,” Drake, who hasn’t committed to a candidate yet.

“And to anyone who likes him,” or anything he is promising, “all I can say is buyer beware.”

In December 2006, after following up with an ad about a Trump-licensed development in Baja California, Drake and her husband decided to make a $240,000 down payment on an $800,000 19th-floor oceanfront condo in the yet-to-be-built Trump Ocean Resort Baja.

“We were impressed with what we knew of the plans,” she told The News, explaining that they had no reason to be worried at the time about purchasing a vacation getaway spot just hours away from their regular home in southern California. “And we thought Trump had a good track record. He was a real estate developer and what we know at the time was that he had an outstanding name.”

And it wasn’t just Trump’s word they took. His daughter Ivanka also promoted the development, saying in July 2007 interviews that she, too, was “blown away by” the site.

“We thought it was going to be great,” Drake said, nodding to her since lost trust in the Trump clan.

They thought wrong. Read the rest of their Trump nightmare. Meanwhile, remember how the Orange Meathead said he’ll bring the Chinese to heel? Yeah, about that:


Trump Bay Street is a 50-story luxury rental apartment building being built by Kushner Companies, whose chief executive officer, Jared Kushner, is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. It will have an outdoor pool, indoor golf simulator and sweeping views of Lower Manhattan; it adjoins an existing high rise condo, Trump Plaza Residence. The firm that was hired to seek investors, US Immigration Fund, is run by Florida developer Nicholas Mastroianni, who announced a partnership last year with a Trump golf course in Jupiter, Florida.

The visa program is known as EB-5. In exchange for investing at least $500,000 in a project promising to create jobs, foreigners receive a two-year visa with a good chance of obtaining permanent residency for them and their families. In 2014, the most recent year for which records are available, the U.S. issued 10,692 of these visas — 85% to people from China.

The Jersey City project has raised $50 million, about a quarter of its funding, from loans obtained through EB-5, according to a slide presentation by US Immigration Fund. Mark Giresi, general counsel of US Immigration Fund, said he believed nearly all of the EB-5 investors in the Trump project were from China.

Asked for a comment for this article, a Trump spokeswoman said by email, “This was a highly successful license deal but he is not a partner in the financing of the development.” She did not respond to questions about EB-5. A Kushner spokeswoman said the project was entirely legal and creating jobs.

You ever get the feeling Trump’s “empire” is a house of cards ready to collapse? Just wait until his media “friends” all turn on him. It’ll really be ugly.


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2 Responses to “Fleeced by Trump: “I can’t stand the sight of him””

  1. MikeGiles on 7/07/16 at 9:27 pm

    “You ever get the feeling Trump’s “empire” is a house of cards ready to collapse?”

    Interesting thought. Perhaps Trumps owns few of the Real Estate properties with his name on them. Perhaps they are simply licensed to use his name on the building. Maybe that’s why he such a fanatic about protecting his “good name”. It may be the only asset he has.

  2. GOP for Hillary 2016 on 9/09/16 at 3:28 pm

    Hey ratshit fraud faux opposition party republicants, could you make Trump pushes grammaw off a cliff commercials for TV?
    They worked for your boy Barry back on 2008.