Finally: Portland Retailers Declare Stores ‘Safe Spaces’ in Response to Trump

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 at 8:48 am

You’ll note on the signs there’s no welcome for people with ideological diversity. At the same time, they’re also probably hoping leftwing thugs don’t hurl bricks through their windows.

They’re not safety pins. They’re bigger, and brighter.

This week, several Portland retailers have hung posters in their windows welcoming people of all kinds and proclaiming their stores to be safe spaces.

“We welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientation, all genders,” the signs say. “We stand with you. You are safe here.

The move comes a week after the election of Republican Donald Trump, who promised to build a wall on the U.S.’ southern border and said he would ban Muslims from entering the country.

As reports of hate crimes and harassment surged after the election, anti-Trump groups worked to show solidarity with people facing abuse. Some did this by donning a safety pin as part of a viral Twitter campaign.

Correction: Bogus hate crimes. Weird how the media believes every one of these dubious incidents, all of them happening in blue states.

Throughout the country, municipal leaders vowed to maintain their cities’ status as sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants facing deportation.

In Portland, shop owners Lisa Mangum and Jason Leivian felt they needed to do something, too, even it was a small gesture.

On Monday, they headed to Southeast Portland’s Independent Publishing Resource Center. They worked for hours, using a letterpress to print each poster by hand.

The publishing center touted the signs on its Instagram page: “We support safe spaces for all!” it wrote.

Mangum, who owns the Oko boutique on East Burnside, said she wanted to do something to combat the feeling of helplessness she felt after the election.

“Hard to go on as business as usual when it feels like the sky just fell,” she said.

So she and her husband, Leivian, who owns Floating World Comics, spent much of Monday and Tuesday cranking out the colorful posters. They printed about 250, and plan to print more in the coming days.

They posted photos of the signs on social media, and offered them for free to other businesses. Mangum said dozens of shop owners have already picked up the signs for their stores, and retailers across the country have expressed interest.

The purpose of the posters, she said, is to reassure community members who were devastated by last week’s election results.

“I think there are people out there who really feel vulnerable and threatened,” she said, “and I think anything that can be done to reduce that element or communicate solidarity is helpful.

These people are pretty much cartoon characters at this point. The next season of Portlandia ought to be a hoot. Here’s a closer look at the inane poster. All you can do is point laugh at these morons.



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3 Responses to “Finally: Portland Retailers Declare Stores ‘Safe Spaces’ in Response to Trump”

  1. An Eagle In Your Mind on 17/17/16 at 9:19 am

    Kinda reminds of late 1930s Germany?
    Are we there yet?
    The National Socialists were leftists 100%.

  2. Rosalee Adams on 18/18/16 at 11:02 am

    The Portland I left when I entered the military in the
    late 60s is gone now..
    I am so glad my mother and
    maternal grandmother are no longer alive to see what
    has become of their beloved city
    I rarely go into the city…it is sufficient for me.
    Sad what has become of the western part of the
    Pacific NW…just a clone of noxious California