Feds: Theft of Classified Material is ‘Felonious Conduct That is Breathtaking in its Longevity and Scale’

Posted by on Oct 21, 2016 at 7:47 am

A shame for this guy his name isn’t Clinton. Then he’d have the entire media, Justice Department and a large segment of the population scoffing and saying it’s no big deal.

A former government contractor who’s charged with stealing thousands of classified and sensitive intelligence files committed “breathtaking” crimes, according to a new filing from federal prosecutors.

Harold Thomas Martin, III, 51, has been charged with stealing government property and unauthorized removal of classified materials. He was arrested in late August, but his case was only made public earlier this month.
In its filing Thursday, the government said they may bring charges against Martin beyond those he currently faces, including violations of the Espionage Act.
Before his arrest, Martin worked as a contractor to the National Security Agency through consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, which fired him after he was charged. He has a long history working with sensitive government intelligence, and served in the US Navy and Naval Reserves for more than 10 years, reaching the rank of lieutenant.
In a filing from prosecutors Thursday arguing that Martin should be kept in custody until his trial, the government alleged there is “overwhelming” evidence that Martin committed the crimes.
“Throughout his government assignments, the Defendant violated that trust by engaging in wholesale theft of classified government documents and property — a course of felonious conduct that is breathtaking in its longevity and scale,” prosecutors wrote.
A hearing on Martin’s detention is set for Friday.
The filing contained more detail on the thousands of documents prosecutors say they found in Martin’s home and vehicle — which they say was parked in the open and used to drive around members of the public as it contained top secret documents. The information he had digitally, the feds said, was equivalent to approximately 50,000 gigabytes, enough to store 500 million documents containing images and text.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton’s top aide left classified information in a rental car overseas and hey, no big deal, let’s move on!


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  1. Animal Farm (some are a little more equal) on 21/21/16 at 10:14 am

    The Clinton defense didn’t work for a submariner who took six photos of the classified/restricted engine room.
    He got one year in prison for not being named Clinton.