Esquire Loser Has a Sad Because Taylor Swift Won’t Babble About Her Political Preference

Posted by on Oct 26, 2016 at 11:33 am

One thing that’s probably actually helping Donald Trump is seeing the endless stream of Hollywood nitwits pledging their support for Granny Clinton. Because if there’s any group competing with the media for most hated group in America, it’s Hollywood.

So what America might actually find refreshing — a celebrity keeping her opinions to herself — is causing some consternation with some puke-faced twerp named John Hendrickson, who identifies as Deputy Editor for Esquire magazine. He demands to know why someone as popular as Taylor Swift, who likely manages to maintain her popularity because she doesn’t vomit up liberal talking points every day, isn’t declaring who’s she’s voting for in November.

As if it’s any of his business.

So the story he links has a rundown of athletes, singers and actors noting their social media following, as if that means anything. Now who actually cares who these folks vote for, other than the desire to know so they can shame them?

If The Rock or Mark Wahlberg say they’re voting for a certain candidate, is there really someone so shallow that they’ll take that as their cue whom to vote for? If so, that person probably should avoid voting altogether.

Frankly, all the people on their list seem intelligent to us: They have a brand and would rather not alienate potentially half their fan base. Seems smart to us, but not so to meddling twerps like this guy. Behold:

Hate to tell this guy, but Swift indeed is a private citizen, while Paul Ryan is two heartbeats away from the White House. But hey, let’s just take a shot at Ryan, for whatever reason.

Sometimes, one look says it all:

And a rather salient question:

No, he’d probably have an ugly Twitter meltdown. Actor Nick Searcy breaks it down for him:

Logic so simple anyone except the media can grasp it:

Yeah, that girl’s just crazy.

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