ESPN analyst Curt Schilling says Hillary Clinton should be ‘buried under a jail’ for putting classified State Department emails on her private server

Posted by on Mar 03, 2016 at 2:59 pm
Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts to recognizing someone in the crowd during a campaign stop at Rundlett Middle School in Concord, New Hampshire February 6, 2016. REUTERS/Adrees Latif      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

When it comes to his political views, ESPN announcer Curt Schilling has never held back.

The former Red Sox and Yankees pitcher was suspended from the network last summer when he compared Muslims to Nazis.

Now he fears he could’ve violated his employee guidelines again, by suggesting Hillary Clinton should be ‘buried under a jail somewhere’.

Schilling made the controversial remarks about the former First Lady’s State Department scandal during an interview with 610 sports radio in Kansas City, Missouri.

When asked if the former Secretary of State should be put behind bars for putting classified emails on her private server, he said: ‘I hope she does.

‘If I’m going to believe, and I don’t have any reason not to believe, that she gave classified information on hundreds if not thousands of emails on a public server after what happened to General Petraeus, she should buried under a jail somewhere.

‘If she’s allowed to get to the general election before she’s in prison, I’ll be stunned and I’ll be upset.’

But Schilling was also critical of Trump saying at one point that the GOP frontrunner hadn’t ‘elaborated on two sentences of policy.’

Schilling jokingly said at the interview he would ‘probably get fired’.

ESPN have now said they are ‘addressing’ his controversial remarks, according to CNN Money.

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