‘Drop the gun!’: Video shows cops warn Charlotte man before shooting

Posted by on Sep 23, 2016 at 2:09 pm

Disturbing video taken by Keith Lamont Scott’s wife shows the seconds leading up to the 43-year-old’s fatal shooting by a North Carolina cop — as she screams: “He has no weapon, don’t shoot him!”

The video, which was obtained by NBC News, does not clearly show the precise moment the father of seven was shot Tuesday in Charlotte. The stricken man is seen on the ground surrounded by cops.

“He better not be f—ing dead! He better not be f—ing dead!” Rakeyia Scott is heard shouting at officers. “He better live! He better live!”

Moments earlier, when police converged on a white vehicle in a parking lot of an apartment complex, Scott’s wife says: “Don’t shoot him! Don’t shoot him!”

Rakeyia also can be heard urging her husband to comply with the officers who told him to “Drop the gun! Drop the gun!”

“Keith, don’t let them break the windows! Come on out of the car,” she yells. “Keith, don’t do it!”

“Keith, Keith, Keith — don’t you do it!”

Four gunshots can then be heard, as the wife screams: “Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him?”

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One Response to “‘Drop the gun!’: Video shows cops warn Charlotte man before shooting”

  1. Pepe the Frog on 23/23/16 at 5:04 pm

    Evil Russian hackers sponsored by Trump edited the video.
    The poor downtrodden victim of evil racist America was on his way to medical school and had a college course study book.
    There was no gun and all cops are…waycist!