Democrats keep pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 at 7:58 am
(Farmingham Ma., 051913) Senator Elizabeth Warren, speaks to students during a commencement address Framingham State University Sunday. (Jim Michaud Photo)

The Democrats have a simple explanation for Hillary Clinton’s loss — the Russians did it.

The party that has had a decades-long soft spot toward Moscow and has been reluctant to believe the Kremlin might have aggressive intentions or, say, cheat on an arms-control agreement, is in a frenzy over Russian hacking that supposedly denied Hillary the victory that was rightfully hers.

John Podesta, the chairman of a Hillary campaign that considered accepting the results of an election part of American writ as of about two months ago, refused several times on “Meet the Press” Sunday to say the presidential election was “free and fair.”

In a contest this narrow, anything might have been decisive. But the monocausal Russian explanation for Hillary’s defeat ignores her myriad political and ethical vulnerabilities that the Democrats were determined to ignore, despite the obvious evidence of them for years.

Vladimir Putin couldn’t have hand-picked a worse champion for them this year. There was no reason to believe Hillary Clinton was a good politician who could deliver a compelling message, since she had never done it before.

What she lacked in raw political skill, she made up with dubious practices. She and her husband hadn’t anticipated her second run for the presidency by staying squeaky clean, but by buckraking from every corporate or foreign interest possible on the promise of a return to power. They were happy to, at the very least, skirt the rules, with Hillary’s homebrew e-mail arrangement — concocted to hide her correspondence from legitimate media and congressional inquires — exemplifying the M.O.

In other words, the Democratic establishment rushed into the arms of a candidate who it was clear from the beginning could well lose to Donald Trump, especially if a few things bounced the wrong way — and is now shocked and outraged that she indeed lost when a few things bounced the wrong way.

Yes, the Russian hack was among those things. But some perspective: The hack of the DNC disrupted the early going of the Democratic convention, but the convention was still a wild political success that gave Hillary a big bounce. The subsequent Wiki­Leaks release of John Podesta’s ­e-mails constituted a steady drip-drip of discomfiting information, yet most of it didn’t break through in the media.

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One Response to “Democrats keep pointing fingers everywhere but at themselves”

  1. popcorn bowl on 20/20/16 at 8:28 am

    Let the communist left flail away and continue to shoot themselves in the foot while doubling down on everything that cost HillyBilly the election.
    Remember Jay Carney and the CCCP (USSR) agitprop posters in his dining room?
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.