Day After Deadly Terrorist Attack, JV President Meets With Canadian PM to Talk … Climate Change

Posted by on Jun 29, 2016 at 6:48 am

Why can’t these darn terrorists play nice and let Barack Obama lives in his fantasy world?

When Justin Trudeau, the prime minister ofCanada, appeared at the United Nations this spring to sign the Paris climate accord, the rapturous ovation he received was worthy of the celebrity he had become, a leader full of promise and of promises, especially on climate change.

On Wednesday, as Canada convenes a North American Leaders’ Summit here, the youthful Canadian will meet the last celebrity to emerge to such adulation on the world stage, and President Obama will have some lessons to impart. Climate change will be a central topic of the summit meeting and of Mr. Obama’s address to Canada’s House of Commons.

Meanwhile, John Kerry claims the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism is helping to fight terrorism, or something.

Stop the world, we want to get off. Notice what gets a hashtag from Kerry:

You can’t make this up.

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