Cruz Crushing Trump in New Wisconsin Poll

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 at 1:55 pm

The best part here is it was taken before Tuesday’s arrest of Trump’s henchman and the Scott Walker endorsement of Ted Cruz.

The Marquette University Law School released the results of its latest political poll on Wednesday, March 29th — and it comes ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

The new poll finds Ted Cruz ahead in the Wisconsin GOP race — with 40% support to 30% for Donald Trump and 21% for John Kasich. It the February poll, Trump held the lead with 30%, Cruz and 19% and Kasich at 8%. Candidates who have since dropped out commanded 31% support.

Poll director Charles Franklin said, “Cruz has been the real beneficiary” of the drop-outs in recent weeks.

On the Democratic side of the presidential race, Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton. The poll shows 49% support for Sanders, 45% for Clinton. In February, Sanders held the slimmest lead with 44% support to Clinton’s 43%.

Can’t wait for the guy who invented polls to dismiss this one.

Unfortunately, it looks like Kasich is currently preventing Cruz from getting over 50% and taking all the delegates, although we have a sense Cruz is gaining a lot of support while the increasingly unhinged Trump looks like he’ll be in a mental institution before the convention comes around.

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