Cringeworthy: Morons React to Martin Luther King, Jr. ‘Endorsement’ of Trump

Posted by on Jan 19, 2016 at 3:17 pm

Never any shortage of stupid on the streets of LA. Also newsworthy: Did you know Hillary Clinton and Malcolm X vacation together on Martha’s Vineyard?

On Monday the nation celebrated the life of civil rights activist and cultural icon Martin Luther King Jr., who was infamously gunned down in Memphis in 1968.

However, that last fact seemed to be unknown to several people in the Los Angeles area who were interviewed on the street as part of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” skit “Lie Witness News” for Monday night’s show.

The interviewer asked people what they thought about MLK “endorsing” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, who has been criticized for his calls to deport Mexicans and block Muslims from coming into the United States.

“Please don’t,” pleaded one woman. “I would be a little nervous. I would think he would be the last person to endorse Donald Trump.”

“I figure if he’s going to endorse Donald Trump for president then maybe he thinks he will be a good president,” said yet another woman.

Others were surprised that King didn’t vote for Barack Obama, while still others were convinced that Malcolm X and Hillary Clinton vacation together at Martha’s Vineyard and play rounds of golf.

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