Crazy Women Arrested at Trump Voting Precinct

Posted by on Nov 08, 2016 at 10:45 am

These anti-Trump lunatics are keeping it crazy until the end.

Presidential protests started out Tuesday with a bust — literally.

Two topless, chanting women were arrested Tuesday morning for causing a disturbance at the New York City polling place where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump votes. Trump was not in the room when the incident occurred.

Video footage of the arrests at the polling site on Manhattan’s East Side were posted on Twitter by the deputy style director of People magazine, Sharon Clott Kanter.

The women, who were wearing jeans, were chanting “Our of our polls Trump, out of our polls Trump,” according to NBC New York.

So wait, are they trying to suppress the vote?

The chants “sounded like ‘get your b***s out of my p***,’ ” Kanter tweeted.

The press office of the New York City Police Department, when asked about the busts, said, “Two females, ages 28 and 30, were taken into custody and removed to the local precinct.”

They seem nice. Nice and crazy.

Wait, is video allowed from inside a polling place?

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  1. o[+_+]o on 8/08/16 at 12:23 pm

    Not for sharing.
    Please keep your top on and no one cares about your opinion you got from Blinkie Blitzer or Jake Flapper.
    Shh…don’t tell the snowflakes they haven’t had an original thought in their lives as they would probably be crushed by not being a member in good standing of the useless idiot hivemind groupthink lameassery.