Clinton Supporter Jamie Foxx Visits Ravaged Venezuela to Support ‘Socialist Revolution’

Posted by on Oct 06, 2016 at 8:58 am

We hope he brought his own toilet paper.

Actor Jamie Foxx has met with President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Foxx, who won the Oscar Award for “Ray” in 2004, visited Maduro in the presidential palace in Caracas. State media said Foxx was there to support the country’s socialist revolution and attend the signing of an agreement between Venezuela and its allies for the construction of houses for the poor.

Foxx posed for photos with the deeply-unpopular president of the economically embattled South American country.

In a national address Tuesday, Maduro praised Foxx’s work. Foxx hasn’t commented publicly on what motivated his visit.

We’re guessing stupidity. Foxx, for what it’s worth, also supports other socialists:


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2 Responses to “Clinton Supporter Jamie Foxx Visits Ravaged Venezuela to Support ‘Socialist Revolution’”

  1. The Proletariat's Uncompromising War on Art on 6/06/16 at 4:52 pm

    Entertainers be all smart and shit.
    Their knowledge of history and politics is second to none and they are always eager to hear opposing viewpoints with an open mind.
    Maybe Sean Penn can make another trip the glorious utopia known as Venezuela.
    Did Jamie smuggle some toilet paper in for the comrades down with the struggle?