Clinton Mascot Alicia Machado Seeks to Lower Profile as Grand Marshal for Hispanic Day Parade

Posted by on Oct 07, 2016 at 7:19 am

Weird, just Wednesday she said she was done talking about the awful public humiliation she’s suffered while being used like a pawn by Team Grandma. But apparently the Clinton campaign had other ides and already planned for her to show us as Grand marshal for a Hispanic Day Parade in New York. Allegedly this event was already scheduled before Mrs. Clinton brought her up at last week’s debate, so clearly there was coordination.

The Hispanic Parade has an unexpectedly timely grand marshal.

Alicia Machado, who won the Miss Universe pageant in 1996, will lead this year’s parade down Fifth Avenue.

The Venezuelan-born actress found renewed fame recently after Hillary Clinton mentioned her by name at the first presidential debate earlier this month.

“It’s funny,” said Edgardo Alonso, general coordinator for the Hispanic Parade Committee, which locked down Machado as the grand marshal before the debate. “We’ve been trying to get her for a couple of years. A lot of Spanish-speaking people like her acting.”

Yeah, it’s funny alright, and nobody believes you had scheduled this largely obscure woman before last Monday, when she was conveniently brought up at the first presidential debate. As if a former pageant winners of two decades ago was some big get.

C’mon, man, nobody is buying that.

Meanwhile, a former campaign mascot, long since relegated back to well-earned obscurity, has finally chimed in on the now discredited Machado.

Donald Trump is a horrible example for the men and women of this country. It was awful to have a radio host attack me while the Republican candidate for president at the time refused to condemn it. Now the current Republican candidate for president is the one actually launching the attacks. We must do all we can to stand up and ensure he is held accountable on Election Day. Women deserve better from their employers. We deserve better from our president. I know how much it meant to me that during a challenging time in my life, we had a president who stood with me. American women deserve a president who will stand with them, and Hillary Clinton has shown that she will do just that.

Oy. Give it a rest, honey.

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