Clinton Campaign Aide Chuck Todd Frets Over Unseemly CGI Revelations: ‘Shut it down to at least limit the political damage’

Posted by on Oct 27, 2016 at 2:14 pm

We’re sure they’ll consider your advice, Chuckles, while they’re busy figuring out how to kneecap you.

NBC News political director Chuck Todd says the Clinton Foundation needs to be shut down immediately if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is elected president.
“Let me go to bottom line: There is no way under any circumstance the Clinton Foundation should not be operating if she becomes president,” Todd told Chicago’s WGN Radio on Thursday.
“I just don’t see how they can keep that going.”
The “Meet the Press” host’s comments come after emails published Wednesday by WikiLeaks show a close Bill Clinton confidant writing in a 12-page memo about how he and another staffer held dual roles within the Clinton network of interests, securing about $50 million in speaking fees and other projects for Clinton while also raising tens of millions of dollars for the charitable Clinton Foundation.
Last time we looked, and admittedly it’s a long time, Todd had a network platform that he could use to investigate this obvious criminal enterprise. What say you, Chuckie?
Todd cautioned Hillary Clinton against “half measures,” urging her to shut down the foundation.
“She’s got an opportunity, again, if she doesn’t do half measures here, if they shut it down to at least limit the political damage.”
Since when does a network “political director” dispense advice to a campaign they should ostensibly be covering objectively?
Oh, it’s NBC. Never mind. We’d ask ourselves, but Chuckie has a really thin skin and long ago blocked us.
Meanwhile, in other impartial journalist news:

NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd has a wife who’s active in Democratic Party strategic communications, and sometimes donates to Democrats. In 2012, Kristian Denny Todd contributed $2,500 to Sen. Tim Kaine. Todd never felt any need to disclose this during his three recent Kaine interviews on NBC (August 7, September 18, and October 23).

But Maverick Mail & Strategies, the firm Mrs. Todd founded in 2007 with fellow James Webb aides Steve Jarding and Jessica Vanden Berg, did heavy lifting for openly socialist Bernie Sanders for President this year. Open Secrets shows a bill for $1.992 million made in ten payments to Maverick from January to April. Todd has never disclosed this business relationship in 11 Sanders interviews this year. (If the work began in 2015 before the payments, Todd failed to disclose any tie in six Sanders interviews in the second half of 2015). We didn’t even count any Todd interviews with Sanders on MSNBC.

One big cozy incestuous family.

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