Classy: Trump Threatens to “Spill the Beans” on Ted Cruz’s Wife

Posted by on Mar 23, 2016 at 7:48 am

Have you noticed this buffoon has a problem with women? If he’s not losing his marbles over Megyn Kelly on a daily basis, now he’s going after Ted Criz’s wife. So presidential.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday night to threaten to “spill the beans” on the wife of his rival, Ted Cruz. Trump criticized Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted” and criticized the Texas senator for supposedly using a magazine photo shoot of Trump’s wife in an ad against the New York businessman.

The offending ad, which is one of several running on Facebook for users in Utah, is not paid for by Cruz’s campaign or even a supportive super PAC, but rather by an explicitly anti-Trump super PAC called Make America Awesome. The ad shows a nude photograph of Melania Trump from a 2000 shoot the former model did for GQ magazine. “Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady,” the text on the ad reads. “Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”

In an email to Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, THE WEEKLY STANDARD asked what specific “beans” he may spill about Cruz’s wife Heidi. TWS also asked if Trump was aware the ad was not from Cruz or any group affiliated with him. The Trump campaign has yet to respond.

A few minutes before, Trump had apparently published and subsequently deleted a similarly worded tweet, according tomultiple reporters who captured Trump’s tweet via screenshot.

Maybe this sad loser should stay off Twitter and try acting like an adult for five minutes. Cruz also responded this morning.

“Heidi, my wife, she’s the daughter of missionaries in Africa, she’s my best friend in the world and if Donald wants to get in a character fight, he’s better off sticking with me ’cause Heidi is way out of his league,” Cruz said during an interview on CNN’s “New Day” with Chris Cuomo.

“It reveals a lot about character,” Cruz continued of Trump’s tweet Tuesday night that the Texas senator better “be careful” or “I will spill the beans on your wife!”

“It reveals a lot about class, that Donald’s instinct is to try to attack my wife and sully her,” Cruz continued. “That should be beneath Donald.”

One thing we know from this primary cycle is there’s nothing beneath Trump.

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One Response to “Classy: Trump Threatens to “Spill the Beans” on Ted Cruz’s Wife”

  1. Beandip Tray on 23/23/16 at 1:16 pm

    We all know she is CFR and Goldman-Sachs. Teddy Maple Leaf needs to get down to the border and pass out stuffed animals and soccer balls with Glennie Beck.