Chief Strategist of Trump Super PAC Found Guilty on Public Corruption Charges

Posted by on May 05, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Ironically enough the charges stemmed from when he was running another kook conspiracist’s campaign.

The Chief strategist of a pro-Donald Trump super PAC Jesse Benton on Thursday was found guilty on public corruption charges, the Des Moines Register reported.

Benton, who leads the Great America PAC, was found guilty along with two other aides for Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.

The charges relate to a cover up of an attempt to pay Iowa Sen. Kent Sorenson $73,000 for an endorsement during Ron Paul’s 2012 campaign.

Sorenson had initially supported Michele Bachmann but switched his support to back Paul just days before the Iowa caucus.

The operatives allegedly paid Sorenson through a third-party video production so the money couldn’t be traced in public reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Those actions allegedly broke campaign expenditure reporting laws

Benton’s charges include conspiracy, causing false records, causing false campaign expenditure reporting and false statements scheme.

The two other aides were John Tate and Dimitri Kesari.

Sorenson testified that on the night of Sorenson’s endorsement, Benton told him: “You’re bleeding for us. We will take care of you.”

Trump has allegedly distanced himself from these PACs.

Great America PAC’s role is complicated. Trump has made opposition to super PACs a centerpiece of his campaign — although he has accepted millions of dollars in individual donations — and has ripped his rivals for benefiting from them.

Yet Great America PAC has persisted in its efforts. The group first launched in January under the name TrumPAC with seed funding from Jewelry Exchange CEO Bill Doddridge. Amy Kremer, a tea party leader, also signed on. Earlier this month, the group announced it had tapped Eric Beach, a California-based Republican operative who also worked for Paul, to oversee its fundraising.

Trump has taken steps to distance himself from the group. After it launched, a Trump attorney got in touch with the representatives for the super PAC and told them it wasn’t allowed to use the candidate’s last name in its title. Shortly after, TrumPAC changed its name to Great America PAC.


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